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Case Study

Weiwei and the Spider: Translating Problems into Skills to Learn

January/February 2019
An approach that emphasizes acquiring skills rather than focusing on problems helps a young boy in China tackle his problems at school.

Case Study

Letting Go of Hate: How to help clients change unconscious responses

July/August 2014
Many well-intentioned therapists have suggested that their clients just “let go” of hate, as if it were a heavy load that they could simply drop to the ground.

Case Study

How to Heal the Angry Brain: Mad Men

September/October 2012
Men with anger problems are generally highly reluctant clients who come to our offices only because they’ve gotten “the ultimatum” from their wives, girlfriends, or bosses. Fortunately, understanding the angry brain can help build their motivation for change.

Case Study

Stop the Merry-Go-Round: Strategies for Angry Couples

November/December 2010
While partners caught in the anger merry-go-round invariably blame the other, both typically pass the anger back and forth like a shared virus.

Ultimate Questions

A Therapist Confronts Her Own Magical Thinking

May/June 2009
A client's unexpected announcement makes a therapist confront her illusions of invulnerability.

10 Best-Ever Anxiety-Management Techniques

There are Effective Alternatives to Medication

September/October 2005
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But Will It Help "Those" Clients?

November/December 2007
Once skeptical about the value of regularly seeking client feedback, therapists at a public agency become true believers.

Clinician's Digest

Conflict Mediation for Siblings

September/October 2007
* Is Therapy Harmful? * The Unintended Consequences of Black-Labeling Antidepressants * A Depression Vaccine * Unexpected Resilience Among Adolescents * Mediating Sibling Quarrels * The Difference Between Rage and Anger

Beloved Stranger

Temperament and the Elusive Concept of Normality

May/June 2005
An understanding of the inborn dimensions of human temperament reveals that the concept of "normal" is far richer and more expansive than previously imagined.

Turning "I Can't" into "I Will"

How to Motivate Depressed Clients

July/August 2004
Getting a depressed client mobilized to take the initial steps toward change can be the key to treatment.
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