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Cloe Madanes on Advocating for the Most Vulnerable

March/April 2015
Let’s unite to stand up to vested interests that have taken over the mental health system.

The Many Faces Of Wisdom

Perspectives on Therapy’s Questions

March/April 2013
Excerpts from a series of interviews with some of the wisest souls in the field of psychology and psychotherapy on essential questions clinicians struggle with every day.

Psychotherapy’s Mark Twain

For Frank Pittman, Self-Seriousness Was the One Unpardonable Sin

March/April 2013
Networker movie critic and contributor Frank Pittman delighted in pointing out the follies, foibles, and excesses of the therapy world, especially anything he considered too trendy, sanctimonious, or politically correct.


Testing the Bond: What's family without shared identity?

March/April 2013

Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity

In an encyclopedic new book, Andrew Solomon explores how parents and children forge emotional bonds with one another in the presence of sometimes vast inborn differences.

Reinventing Your Life

Finding Self-Renewal in the Himalayas

November/December 2012
Tens of thousands of miles away from his practice, a therapist accidentally discovers a new sense of purpose, unable to distinguish the act of giving from the act of love.

Point Of View

Mary Pipher on Activism: Applying our Healing Skills in the Wider World

May/June 2012
Bestselling author and retired psychotherapist Mary Pipher makes a case for therapists’ having the know-how to become effective social activists---and for why saving the environment isn’t such a lost cause.


The Most Famous Book Never Read: What Makes the Feminine Mystique so Special?

May/June 2011

Nearly 50 years after its publication, a look at the shortcomings and enduring power of one of the most influential books of our time. 


Creating New Paths for Change: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World

July/August 2011
In an age of cynicism, a refreshing look at “the social cure.”


Possessed by Our Possessions: Hoarding as Pathology and Metaphor

September/October 2010
Hoarding is not only an individual pathology, but a metaphor for our consumption-crazed culture.


A Naysayer's Guide to Positive Psychology

March/April 2010
A naysayers look at Martin Seligman and the Positive Psychology industry he helped create.
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