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The Unspeakable Language of Sex

Why Are We Still so Tongue-Tied?

January/February 2016
If you’re like most couples therapists, you know how to help partners communicate more clearly, handle conflict with less uproar, and connect more emphatically. But 50 years after the so-called sexual revolution, many therapists are still unsure about how and when to talk about sexual issues. In our obsession with pop sexuality, we’ve vastly overestimated the power of sexual acts while vastly underestimating the feelings associated with them.


A Naysayer's Guide to Positive Psychology

March/April 2010
A naysayers look at Martin Seligman and the Positive Psychology industry he helped create.

The Business of Therapy

Recession-Proofing Mantras: How to Stay Calm When Your Practice Seems to Be Under Siege

March/April 2010
Some highly practical mantras that can help even the more business-phobic practitioner keep afloat in these tough economic times.

The Business of Therapy

Web Marketing on a Shoestring: The fundamentals of starting—or growing—a practice

November/December 2009
A primer for web marketing for practitioners on a shoestring budget.

The Business of Therapy

The Not-So-Private Practice: A Collaborative Model For the 21st Century

September/October 2009
A new model of practice-building seeks to help therapists prosper by reengaging them in their local professional communities.
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