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From Margin to Mainstream

Peter Levine’s Bottom-Up Approach to Healing

March/April 2019
Body psychotherapy, once shrouded in controversy, has gained growing acceptance in the wider field. So how do these popular bottom-up approaches actually work?

Case Study

Taken Over: Breaking the Spell of Obsession

May/June 2018
A therapist struggles to help an obsessive client with whom she develops an unusual preoccupation.

Point of View

New Technologies for Today’s Practitioners: Using Virtual Reality to treat PTSD

March/April 2016
The increasingly accessible and inexpensive technology of virtual reality now enables us to incorporate digital Skinner boxes in our practices that can enhance healing for trauma survivors.

Point of View

The Malleability of Memory: Putting Psychotherapy on the Witness Stand

November/December 2014

During the false memory controversies of the 1990s, many therapists saw Elizabeth Loftus, one of the most honored psychologists in the history of the field, as public-enemy number one.

Putting the Pieces Together

25 Years of Learning Trauma Treatment

May/June 2014
25 years ago, we believed that helping trauma survivors dig into dark and unspeakable horrors would set them free. But in this new age of trauma treatment, we aim to help our clients find the light.
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Case Study

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Help a Panicked Client: From Certainty to Uncertainty

March/April 2012
Often clients come to therapy to resolve ambivalence or because they can’t make up their minds. But sometimes, the problem is that they’re too certain about things they should be uncertain about.

The Language of the Nervous System

The 5 TRM Self-Stabilization Skills

November/December 2010

Rules of Engagement

A Civilian Therapist’s Guide to the Military Mindset

November/December 2010
What civilian therapists need to know about military culture and life in a combat zone to best serve veterans struggling with war trauma.

The Case for Energy Psychology

Snake oil or therapeutic power tool?

November/December 2010
A wizened, seen-it-all psychologist describes how he came to embrace an approach that much of the orthodox psychotherapy world considers the latest incarnation of snake oil.

Hope in the Ruins

Helping the Survivors of the Haitian Earthquake

July/August 2010
A disaster-tested therapist, who's worked with the survivors of the Thai tsunami, the Sichuan earthquake, and the Rwanda genocide, offers an on-the-scene report from Haiti in the wake of its recent, unimaginably devastating earthquake.
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