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Point of View

Resisting Matrimania: A Single Life Can Be a Rewarding Choice

November/December 2018
Author and researcher Bella DePaulo says it’s time to start seeing the growing population of single adults as something more than just people unable to find the right partner.

Psychotherapy's Pilgrimage

Shaping the Consciousness of Our Time

January/February 2017
Despite what grad school textbooks may imply, therapy movements are more than a set of theories and techniques. They’re about what it means to be a human being at a particular time amid all the forces that shape a culture. Here, a therapist who entered the field at the same time the Networker made its debut brings to life 40 years of the key moments in psychotherapy’s unfolding, exploring both how the field was influenced by social changes and how the consciousness of our times—and our view of what it means to be a fully realized person—have been transformed by the intimate conversations that take place in our consulting rooms.
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Dark Passage

Suffering and the Quest for Wisdom

March/April 2013
There’s something about healing from the deep emotional suffering that feels like death and rebirth—not the quick kind that some claim to receive in religious conversion. It’s the kind that asks us to be open to changing our contract with life in the most fundamental way.

Therapist Self-Disclosure

Think Before You Get Personal

July/August 2012
The ways we disclose, read cues from our clients, and dialogue about what’s been divulged are the keys to whether therapist self-disclosure helps clients’ therapeutic goals or gets in the way.

It's Not About The Food

The Truth About Eating Disorders

January/February 2011
The key to working effectively with eating disorders is understanding that starving, bingeing, and purging aren't simply bad habits. For treatment to work, it must get beyond the focus on negative behavior to grasp the emotional cycle of disordered eating.

Women Treating Men

Therapy across the gender divide

May/June 2010
Gender shapes relationship from the very first moment therapist meets client, especially when the client is male and the therapist is female.

The Brain's Rules for Change

Translating cutting-edge neuroscience into practice

January/February 2010
For the firs time, we're beginning to understand how to directly delete emotional meanings attributed to disturbing past events.

Family Matters

Going Home Again: A late-life lesson in love

September/October 2008
Watching our aging parents struggle confronts us with some difficult lessons in late-life love.

In Consultation

The Economics of Romance: Pre-nups and other dirty words

July/August 2008
Prenuptials may seem unromantic and focused on worst-case scenarios, but they can clarify critical issues and avoid problems down the road.

Family Matters

Then There's Maud

September/October 2007
Our best teachers aren't always the two-legged kind.
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