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Closing The Deal With Clients

What We Can Learn from Salespeople

September/October 2013
What do you say to potential clients when they first call you or come in for a consultation? We may resist the idea, but in this initial phase, therapists face the same challenge as salespeople seeking to turn shoppers into satisfied customers.

The Therapist’s Most Important Tool

Salvador Minuchin on What Today's Training Approaches Are Missing

September/October 2013
Trainees today are buried beneath textbooks on theory, bombarded by lectures on current research, and taught to be experts in a variety of methods. But where and when do they learn who they are and how to use their own selves in therapy?

Breaking The Spell

7 Questions to Ask When Therapy is Stuck

May/June 2013
When therapy goes wrong, it’s typically because we’ve entered our clients’ trance, joining them in their myopic misery. Once there, our job is to break the spell, broaden the vision, and open ourselves to possibilities outside the tunnel.

On With The Show

Celebrating the Craft at Symposium

May/June 2013
This year, 3,000 practitioners came to our annual Symposium to explore the fundamental question: are we any closer to unraveling the mysteries of psychotherapy than when Freud became the first therapist to complain about client “resistance”?

In Consultation

Peer Supervision Groups that Work: Three Steps That Make a Difference

May/June 2013
Peer consultation groups offer all kinds of rich possibilities for learning and collegial support---as long as you set them up properly.

Clinician's Digest I

Learning How to Learn: Communities of Practice can reveal new paths to excellence

January/February 2013
Strengthening New Year’s Resolutions

In Consultation

Therapy’s Nonverbal Dance: Are You in Step with Your Clients?

January/February 2013
Noticing a client’s nonverbal shifts isn’t enough. You must know what these shifts mean.

Case Study

Being Meryl Streep: Learning to Distinguish Behavior from Identity

November/December 2012
A therapist uses a Hollywood analogy to help a client learn an important lesson about distinguishing behavior from identity.

Clinician's Digest III

Navigating the Maze of DSM-5

November/December 2012

The Coaching Edge

Helping Our Clients Take Their Best Shot

November/December 2012
A new style of working has emerged that integrates the in-depth understanding of traditional therapy with the experience of being instructed, pushed, and challenged identified with coaching. But can a clinician effectively encompass both styles with the same client?
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