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In Consultation

The Challenge of Becoming the Boss: How to Make a Group Practice Work

July/August 2014
Making a group practice work means taking on the challenge of becoming a boss.

Clinician's Digest

Do Brain Games Build Cognitive Muscle? * Grim Job Prospects for Mental Health Grad

May/June 2014
Brain games and grad prospects

What's In A Brand?

What Campbell’s and Dr. Phil Know

September/October 2013
For therapists, traditional ways of getting the word out—an ad here, a few hints to colleagues there, even a fancy website—just won’t cut it anymore. In a world of information overload, having a brand that stands out is the only way to attract clients.

In Consultation

The Latest Advances in Marketing Your Practice: The SoLoMo Revolution

May/June 2012
The SoLoMo revolution is transforming the way therapists can generate client referrals on the Internet.

The Business of Therapy

Facebook and Your Practice: Developing your social-networking savvy

January/February 2010
More than a time-consuming diversion, Facebook can play a central role in marketing your practice.

Secrets of an Effective Website

March/April 2009
An effective website is the key to generating referrals. Here's everything you need to know about not only increasing traffic to your site, but also converting those visitors into clients.

Editor's Note

Creating a Private Practice for the 21st Century

July/August 2007
We've heard it before--if we want to succeed as good therapists, we also have to become good businesspeople--but it's an idea that strikes fear and loathing in the heart of many a therapist.

How to Develop a Money Mindset

Investing for Success in Your Therapy Business

July/August 2007
A practical guide for getting past the common fear of spending money to increase your referrals and grow your practice.
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