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Turns in the Road

Highlights from the Networker Journey

January/February 2017
Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Networker over the past four decades, we’ve chosen a small sampling that captures the magazine’s most journalistic side, conveying not so much the eternal verities of our profession, but the sense of reading a first draft of the field’s history. Among other things, you’ll find therapeutic methods that, as exciting as they seemed at the moment, didn’t stand the test of time as well as initial forays into discussing complex issues we’re still struggling with today. We’ve also added in a few examples of writing so immediate and compelling that they have an air of timelessness. Prepare yourself for an interesting journey.
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Reflections on the Divorce Revolution

Assessing Our Impact

July/August 2015
When it comes to helping couples considering divorce, therapists have a hundred ways to ask “What’s right for you?” but often find themselves tongue-tied when it comes to asking “What’s right for the others in your life?” Is it possible to talk about interpersonal responsibility without shaming clients and driving them away?
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Editor's Note

March/April 2015
There’s been a decline in the public’s utilization of psychotherapy as a consequence of the rise of what might be called the Gang of Three: DSM, Big Pharma, and Managed Care. Today, we appear to be an atomized and poorly organized field that’s lost economic ground to other approaches promising mental health consumers improved well-being. But while recognizing the missed opportunities and missteps we’ve made as a profession, the contributors to this issue also point to what we need to do to make a more concerted and effective stand to reclaim lost territory.
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Psychotherapy’s Mark Twain

For Frank Pittman, Self-Seriousness Was the One Unpardonable Sin

March/April 2013
Networker movie critic and contributor Frank Pittman delighted in pointing out the follies, foibles, and excesses of the therapy world, especially anything he considered too trendy, sanctimonious, or politically correct.

A Brief History of Psychotherapy

A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

March/April 2012
Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the profession turn, and turn again, over time.
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Foreign Affairs

Infidelity Has Different Meanings In Different Cultures

July/August 2010
My Parisian colleague was shocked to learn that American therapists typically encourage couples not only to confess their affairs, but also to share the details.

Voices of Truth

January/February 2006
By Frank Pittman - When TV finally came, in the early '50s, the world it brought into our living rooms was black and white, and dumbed way down. Newsmen now had faces, and, as eyewitnesses, we could now determine who had an honest face and who didn't. The most honest of the talking heads seemed to be the revered war correspondent Edward R. Murrow. Now the actor George Clooney has put together a reenactment of the public clash between Murrow and the rabid senator Joe McCarthy. It's called Good Night and Good Luck.

Editor's Letter

September/October 2009
The situation of young people like my daughter and families like mine reflects one aspect of a vast change in American families, which this issue of seeks to explore. Thirty years ago, the paradigm of family life was simple and largely unquestioned: an intact nuclear family in which parents were boss, or at least they were supposed to be. As our authors point out, things are different now.

Screening Room

Move Over, Meryl: Kate Winslet Ascends to Center Stage

May/June 2009
What separates screen actors who remain enshrined in our memory from those who just momentarily catch our eye?

Screening Room

Inside Out: Frost/Nixon and Milk Hold a Mirror to Our Fears

March/April 2009
Movies are about giving us outsiders in the audience the illusion of being inside the charmed circle of real experience.
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