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Moments of Truth

Stories Told at the End of the Day

May/June 2018
In our own small way, the Networker has tried to revive the ancient, tribal practice of storytelling. At our third annual Symposium storytelling event, five veteran therapists fearlessly got on stage and told disarmingly revealing stories about therapy experiences that challenged them and taught them something vital about themselves.
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From an Evening of Storytelling 2018

May/June 2018
What happens to a buttoned-up young therapist when things get out of hand in his office?

In Consultation

Taking Therapy Home: Motivating Couples to Do Their Homework

November/December 2017
Motivating couples to do their therapy homework may be the key to successful outcomes.

Writing on Water

A Diary of Riding Out the Storm

July/August 2015
A therapist discovers what it means to be fully present, even in the face of the terrifying prospect of a declining mind.

Case Study

Questions of Gender: A therapist struggles with the clinical choices he’s made

September/October 2014
A therapist takes an unflinching look at a puzzling case that spanned 14 years, wondering if he made a wrong turn.

Case Study

Women Who Cheat: Understanding the Message of the Affair

May/June 2013
Far from being evidence of marital bankruptcy, a woman’s affair can be a way of expressing a desire for a different self and an opportunity to breathe life into a suffocating relationship.

Case Study

The Mindful Swimmer: Staying Afloat in the Rough Seas of Relationship

July/August 2010
Mindfulness offers tools for navigating the stormy seas of a troubled relationship.

Case Study

Gay Guise - What to do when your client has sex with men, but is straight

July/August 2007

Editor's Note

Getting Beyond Talk

January/February 2008

Any Day Above Ground

After Recovery, What Then?

January/February 2008
Letting go of our childlike fascination with the promise of the future is one of the hardest challenges of truly being in the moment.
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