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In Consultation

Taking Therapy Home: Motivating Couples to Do Their Homework

November/December 2017
Motivating couples to do their therapy homework may be the key to successful outcomes.

Writing on Water

A Diary of Riding Out the Storm

July/August 2015
A therapist discovers what it means to be fully present, even in the face of the terrifying prospect of a declining mind.

Case Study

Questions of Gender: A therapist struggles with the clinical choices he’s made

September/October 2014
A therapist takes an unflinching look at a puzzling case that spanned 14 years, wondering if he made a wrong turn.

Case Study

Women Who Cheat: Understanding the Message of the Affair

May/June 2013
Far from being evidence of marital bankruptcy, a woman’s affair can be a way of expressing a desire for a different self and an opportunity to breathe life into a suffocating relationship.

Case Study

The Mindful Swimmer: Staying Afloat in the Rough Seas of Relationship

July/August 2010
Mindfulness offers tools for navigating the stormy seas of a troubled relationship.

Case Study

Gay Guise - What to do when your client has sex with men, but is straight

July/August 2007

Editor's Note

Getting Beyond Talk

January/February 2008

Any Day Above Ground

After Recovery, What Then?

January/February 2008
Letting go of our childlike fascination with the promise of the future is one of the hardest challenges of truly being in the moment.

A Complicated Grieving

Death, guilt, and anger are an explosive mix

September/October 2006
"Complicated grief" resulting from unresolved guilt, anger, shame, and regret can fester on for many years.

Beyond Viagra

Why the Promise of Cure Far Exceeds the Reality

May/June 2004
Despite all the hoopla, the dropout rate for Viagra exceeds 40 percent. A case explores the aspects of middle-aged sexuality that no drug can address.
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