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Family Matters

A New Turn in the Road: Life at 94

May/June 2017
The life of a seemingly frail 94-year-old takes a surprising turn.

Family Matters

The Bonds that Sustain Us: A Family Weathers a Time of Uncertainty

March/April 2016
What parent doesn’t know the ache of helplessness that comes when you can’t do anything for your child but feel entirely responsible anyway?

Family Matters

A Palm under the Moon: A grandpa’s love story

September/October 2015
A young child’s bedroom is a place for magic and enchantment.

Family Matters

Defying Nature’s Odds: Life is the grand exception

September/October 2014
From the first cell division to the final journey down the birth canal, risks and dangers abound.

Family Matters

More More Time: Discovering the Endless Present

September/October 2013
A new retiree discovers the elusive secret of the endless present.

The Stories We Live

In therapy--as in Fiction--There’s Always Possibility

July/August 2011
Both doing psychotherapy and the writing of fiction are about stories. The essence of the art of both pursuits is the openness to the possibility that, no matter how small, no matter how fleeting, things might not only be different, but, perhaps, better.

Editor's Note

The Journey to Becoming a Real Grown-Up

September/October 2007
A disappointing lesson we all learn sooner or later is that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing wiser, or even growing up.

Winter Passage

Acknowledging Spirituality in Life's Final Journey

September/October 2007
Drawing on spiritual resources can ease the pain and sorrow of death for client and therapist alike.

Hallway Therapy

Systems Thinking Goes to the Classroom

January/February 2007
A therapist takes us along on a typical week providing family-oriented mental health services in the hurly-burly of a school setting.
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