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In Consultation

Teaching Couples to Tap

September/October 2016
Could eliminating blocks in couples therapy be as simple as learning where to tap?

Symposium 2012

Embracing the New Wisdom

May/June 2012
Andrew Weil, Mary Pipher, and Dan Siegel, along with 150 other presenters, not only helped the Networker Symposium celebrate its 35th anniversary, but illuminated a new vision of the integrative mental healthcare of the future.
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The Case for Energy Psychology

Snake oil or therapeutic power tool?

November/December 2010
A wizened, seen-it-all psychologist describes how he came to embrace an approach that much of the orthodox psychotherapy world considers the latest incarnation of snake oil.

A Smile after the Storm

On the Front Lines

November/December 2010
A young orphan in Rwanda learns to get beyond an experience of unimaginable horror.

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2009
Energy Therapies want respect * More proof that client feedback improves therapy * Therapy's effect on brain cells * Therapists as myth purveyors * Is googling clients a good idea? * When clients interview multiple therapists * The worst media therapy yet!
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