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Shedding Light on DSM-5

The View from the Trenches

March/April 2014
While the polemical debates over the new DSM have received widespread coverage, the reactions of ordinary clinicians have yet to receive much scrutiny.

The Cult of DSM

Ending Our Allegiance to the Great Gazoo

March/April 2014
Labeling clients with DSM diagnoses is a ritual most of us perform to get reimbursed and pay our mortgages, but few of us actually believe in. Has the time finally come for us to take our dissatisfaction with the DSM seriously and turn it into something more than a bitter complaint?
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The Book We Love to Hate

Why DSM-5 Makes Nobody Happy

March/April 2014
From small insignificant beginnings in 1952, when almost nobody read it, DSM has become a kind of sacred literary monster. Today, it’s the most detested and certainly the most debated mental health classification scheme ever devised.
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The Debate Over DSM-5: A Step Backward

A Step Backward: An Interview with Allen Frances

March/April 2014
As the man responsible for the previous edition, the foremost critic of DSM-5 is perhaps the last person you’d expect to trash this latest, biggest version.
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Clinician’s Digest I

DSM-5 Ready for Release

March/April 2013

Clinician's Digest III

Navigating the Maze of DSM-5

November/December 2012

Clinician's Digest

Mental Health Systems Under Stress

January/February 2012
- Mental health systems under stress - The timing of trauma treatment - The revolt against DSM-5

Clinician's Digest

March/April 2011
- Disputing the vaccine-autism link - The continuing furor over DSM-5 - Psychologists fact-checking Wikipedia - Therapists who talk too much
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