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Kids For Sale: The Realities of Sex Trafficking on Our Streets

September/October 2011

Those gritty TV depictions of kids scratching out an existence on the streets aren’t just a sensationalistic fabrication.

Family Matters

Bottom of the Ninth

July/August 2011
In every love relationship, there are words that best remain unspoken.

Building A Culture Of Excellence

Anatomy of an Agency that Works

May/June 2011
We all have stories about the bureaucracies that stifle clinical creativity and seem to exist primarily to generate meaningless paperwork. Here’s a tale about a community agency that actually works, and how it got that way.

Point Of View

Red Speak, Blue Speak: The Psychology of Political Rhetoric

May/June 2011
The work of linguist George Lakoff on the psychology of political rhetoric has become must reading for anyone who wants to understand how candidates get elected.

Family Matters

Listening to Your Heart: Sometimes Life's Greatest Gifts are Disguised as Disappointments

November/December 2010
A mother deals with the news that her child will have a lifelong impairment.


The Myth of Overmedication: Correcting Stereotypes About Kids' Mental Heath

July/August 2010
Popular stereotypes aside, it turns out we aren't overmedicating and overdiagnosing our kids.

Case Studies

Helping Kids Take Charge: How to get young people to turn their problems into coping skills

November/December 2009
Turning problems to be diagnosed and medication into skills to be taught.

In Consultation

Too Much of a Good Thing?

September/October 2008
Risk-averse parents who overprotect their children do them no favors.

Case Studies

The Worry Hill - A Child-friendly Approach to OCD

May/June 2008
Therapists helping children confront OCD face a formidable obstacle: helping their young clients get beyond their immediate terror in the hope of reaping long-term benefits.
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