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Mondays With My Girls

Lessons in Being Real

July/August 2019
A group of preteen girls in a long-term shelter teach a budding therapist some unexpected lessons about the true meaning of resilience and the power of relationship.
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Case Study

Bullying Reconsidered: Helping Children Help Each Other

November/December 2016
While research indicates that most anti-bullying projects don’t work, a disarmingly simple approach has shown promising results. * Commentary by Signe Whitson
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Point of View

The Five Love Languages: Translating Intention into Connection

May/June 2016
An interview with the author of The 5 Love Languages, a book that's sold over 8 million copies, explains its remarkable success.

The Great Escape

Welcome to the World of Gender Fluidity

March/April 2016
As cultural attitudes about gender variance have undergone a profound shift, much of what therapists believed about what it means to be transgender is now hopelessly outdated. But how do people know that they’re the wrong gender? And what does that kind of knowing mean for our assumptions about males and females as “opposite sexes”?
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Editor's Note

March/April 2016
I found talking to the transgender kids and their parents that I interviewed for this issue not only enlightening and educational, which I expected, but also viscerally moving. I was bowled over by the stubborn integrity of young kids who would insist upon being who they feel themselves to be, regardless of what anybody thought. Where, I wondered, did they find that spirit, that audacity, that sheer heroism, and at that age? But, then, talking to the parents of these kids, I began to understand a bit better.
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The Transgender Journey

What Role Should Therapists Play?

March/April 2016
Parents typically view their children in the largely gendered terms society lays out for them. Rearranging that internal mind map requires tremendous effort and adjustment. Given the alarming suicide rates for transgender children, it can also be a matter of life and death.

It Takes A Tribe

What It's Like to Raise (or Be) a Transgender Child

March/April 2016
Until very recently, most families with transgender children had never met another family like theirs. Now parents and children from the trailblazing Ackerman Institute’s Family & Gender Project talk about their experience of joining a healing community that offers acceptance and a validating mirror of their own experience.
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Case Study

Supporting the Overwhelmed Child: Sometimes It Just Takes Time

March/April 2016
A school counselor’s patient work with a sad, uncommunicative young boy demonstrates what a difference just being there can make. * Commentary by Janet Sasson Edgette

Spitting in the Client's Soup

Don’t Overthink Your Interventions

March/April 2015
In our profession, it’s often more alluring to explore new gimmicks than to acknowledge that our success largely hinges on simple, commonsense factors.

Case Study

Rewriting the Story: Entering the World of the Abused Child

January/February 2014
Therapists must offer abused children a different felt experience of who they are.
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