May/June 2017 cover

What Now?

Five Therapists Face the Limits of What They Know

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

These days, when psychotherapy is supposed to be “evidence based” and “empirically... Read more

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When All Else Fails

Stories of Vulnerability and Possibility

The self-assurance of expert practitioners who publicly present their work can lead everyday therapists to believe that psychotherapy is a far more predictable... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 8, 2017

The Courage to Connect

Highlights from the 2017 Symposium

Year after year, therapists have come to the Networker Symposium expecting to escape the turbulence of everyday life and the real world. But this year... Read more

Extra Feature

Being There

Inhabiting the Moment with Traumatized Teens

With traumatized adolescent clients, it’s emotion that gradually changes emotion—not rational explanation or interpretation, not snazzy techniques or... Read more


Expanding Your Expressive Range

What Therapists Can Learn from Performers

The Unexplored Issues

Working with Cross-Cultural Couples

Everyday Heroism

A Researcher Noted for Studying the Psychology of Evil Has Shifted His Focus

When the System Fails

Tales of the Wrongfully Convicted