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Family Matters May 8, 2017

The life of a seemingly frail 94-year-old takes a surprising turn. Read more

Family Matters March 8, 2016

The Bonds that Sustain Us

A Family Weathers a Time of Uncertainty

What parent doesn’t know the ache of helplessness that comes when you can’t do anything for your child but feel entirely responsible anyway? Read more

Family Matters September 1, 2015

A Palm under the Moon

A grandpa’s love story

A young child’s bedroom is a place for magic and enchantment. Read more

Family Matters September 11, 2014

Defying Nature’s Odds

Life is the grand exception

From the first cell division to the final journey down the birth canal, risks and dangers abound. Read more

Family Matters September 5, 2013

More More Time

Discovering the Endless Present

A new retiree discovers the elusive secret of the endless present. Read more

The Stories We Live

In therapy—as in Fiction—There’s Always Possibility

Both doing psychotherapy and the writing of fiction are about stories. The essence of the art of both pursuits is the openness to the possibility that, no... Read more

Winter Passage

Acknowledging Spirituality in Life's Final Journey

Drawing on spiritual resources can ease the pain and sorrow of death for client and therapist alike. Read more

David Seaburn

Seaburn was an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center for nearly twenty years. There he was Director of the Family Therapy Training Program (Psychiatry) and Coordinator of the Psychosocial Medicine Rotation (Family Medicine). His area of interest was Medical Family Therapy. He co-authored two books on the subject, Family-oriented Primary Care:  A Manual for Medical Providers (1990) and Models of Collaboration: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals Working with Health Care Practitioners (1996). He was a founding member of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association and its former Treasurer. He published over sixty academic papers and presented nationally and internationally. In 2005, Seaburn left the Medical Center to become Director of the Family Support Center in the Spencerport Central School District, a free counseling center for students and their families. 

Seaburn has written nine novels. Darkness is as Light, was published in 2005. He followed with Pumpkin Hill (2007), Charlie No Face (2011), a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award in General Fiction, Chimney Bluffs (2012), More More Time (2015), and Parrot Talk (2017), which placed second in the TAZ Awards for Fiction (2017) and was short listed for the Somerset Award (2018). Gavin Goode (2019), was an American Book Fest Finalist for “Best Book” in General Fiction (2019) and Semi-Finalist in Literary, Contemporary and Satire Fiction for the Somerset Award (2019). Broken Pieces of God (2021) was a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award in General Fiction (2021). Give Me Shelter was released in 2022. Seaburn lives near Rochester, NY with his wife, Bonnie. They have two married daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.