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PNJA15-1Assessing Our Impact

By William Doherty

When it comes to helping couples considering divorce, therapists have a hundred ways to ask “What’s right for you?” but often find themselves tongue-tied when it comes to asking “What’s right for the others in your life?” Is it possible to talk about interpersonal responsibility without shaming clients and driving them away?

PNJA15-2When is Enough Enough?

By Terry Real

We spend countless hours focused on how best to keep couples together, but rarely pay much attention to how to best help them split up. And we spend even less time examining how our own emotional reactions can influence their decision about whether to divorce.

PNJA15-3Helping Couples Let Go with Dignity

By Tammy Nelson

In today’s changing world, therapists need a new road map for helping couples end unions with their dignity intact, their sanity whole, and in a greater spirit of cooperation and good will.

PNJA15-4A Diary of Riding Out the Storm

By David Treadway

A therapist discovers what it means to be fully present, even in the face of the terrifying prospect of a declining mind.

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By Mary Pipher


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Therapists and the Dilemma of Divorce

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