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Sue Johnson changed the field, creating a ripple effect of healing that continues to transform countless relationships. In a mosaic of anecdotes drawn from the... Read more

My funny, creative, and very sweet three-year-old has been writhing on the floor in agony for almost 10 minutes. With his eyes scrunched shut, he’s... Read more

Tammy Nelson Discusses Couple and Ketamine

A New Way to Enrich Relationships

Watch our interview with relationship expert Tammy Nelson on how ketamine is supercharging couples work. Read more

How Psychedelic Therapy Will Change Your Practice

Bessel van der Kolk & Monnica Williams on the Future of Trauma Healing

Bessel van der Kolk and Monnica Williams, two prominent trauma researchers, weigh in on what the field should be talking about now that psychedelic-assisted... Read more

Editor's Note: May/June 2024

The Search for Higher Ground

Welcome to the new world of psychedelic-assisted healing. It’s no longer a fringe therapy. It’s happening all around us. Read more

Celebrating Sue Johnson

A Tribute to a Leading Force in the Field

Psychotherapy Networker honors the memory of Sue Johnson, EFT and EFIT pioneer, with highlights from her trailblazing career. Read more

Editor's Note: March/April 2024

The Loneliness Epidemic

This issue aims to explore what we can do about loneliness in our therapy offices—not just for kids and young adults, but for people at any stage of life Read more

Using AI to Be Better Therapists

A Conversation with Heather Hessel

Will people really turn to a human if a “humanly enough” chatbot is available? What if human-to-human therapy becomes accessible only to a privileged few? Read more

AI in Therapy

A Conversation with Matthias Barker

What happens when AI enters the therapy room? Therapist influencer Matthias Barker chats with Networker editor in chief Livia Kent. Read more

This issue explores our work as therapists in the shadow of AI as well as how professional and personal lives collide. Read more

Organizational Management at Home

An Interview with Eve Rodsky on Workplace Tools for Couples

The business world has well-honed tools for making sure employees feel valued and fulfilled. Can they be used to solve a core issue that brings many couples to... Read more

Supporting Our Dreams as Therapists

A Conversation with Shadeen Francis and Alexandra Solomon

Watch Shadeen Francis and Alexandra Solomon discuss how clinicians can work together to achieve their professional development goals. Read more

Editor's Note: November/December 2023

Practical Advice for New Therapists

A recent survey shows that fewer than half of people who graduate from therapy training programs ever make it to licensure. Why are so many emerging therapists... Read more

The Rise of Therapy-Speak

Matthias Barker on Bridging Social Media and the Therapy Room

Influencer and clinician Matthias Barker gives his take on what therapists can do when clinical buzzwords morph into flippant or incorrect notions that clients... Read more

Editor's Note: September/October 2023

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Diagnoses

When we hear the word diagnosis, it’s hard not to think of the DSM. The dreaded DSM. But hating this particular book is nothing new... Read more

Permission to Speak

A Conversation with Samara Bay

Psychotherapy Networker chats with author Samara Bay about her new book and how we can embody our true voices in the therapy room. Read more

Gen Z and Mental Health

Changing the Conversation

As adult therapists around the world weigh in on the youth mental health crisis, a Gen Z’er offers his own view of what our field should keep in mind. Read more

Editor's Note: July/August 2023

Are the Kids All Right?

Together, maybe we can keep making—and protecting—the spaces that today’s kids need to dream their own dreams. Read more

Unmasking the Covert Narcissist in Therapy

A Conversation with Craig Malkin

Author and clinician Craig Malkin, PhD, sits down with Psychotherapy Networker’s editor in chief Livia Kent to talk about how to spot covert narcissism and... Read more

Editor's Note

Rethinking relationships

My editorial Spidey-sense tells me there’s a good chance that some readers will raise an eyebrow—or maybe two—at this issue of the magazine Read more

How did narcissist get to be such a buzzword in our culture? Read more

Editor's Note: January/Feburary 2023

Beginnings and Endings

Welcome to the start of 2023—and the end of good ol’ 2022. Or maybe not so good? However we may feel about it, it’s over and done. Read more

Many sociologists are calling it “the female happiness paradox,” arguing that greater opportunities for work have meant that women’s workloads—as... Read more

In this Networker Live event, editor in chief Livia Kent talks with author Lynn Lyons, LICSW, about anxiety and families. Read more

Moving Through Grief Using Emotionally Focused Therapy

A Conversation with Leanne Campbell

Based on her article in our July/August issue, EFT trainer Leanne Campbell talks about how to handle grief. Read more

Reframing Exposure Therapy

A Conversation with Dr. Jelena Kecmanovic

Based on her article in the September/October issue, Dr. Jelena Kecmanovic talks about exposure therapy and why therapists needn't be afraid of it. Read more

Editor's Note: September/October 2022

The Therapist and The Older Client

Are therapists ready to work with an older population? In this issue, we explore the changing, sometimes challenging needs that attend aging, as well as the... Read more

Editor's Note: July/August 2022

Moving on from 'Move On' Culture

Livia Kent introduces the July/August 2022 issue on grief and how therapists deal with it both personally and professionally. Read more

"Dear Therapist" columnist, podcaster, and author Lori Gottlieb talks with our editor in chief about the challenges of the parent-child relationship. Read more

If play is so vital to our health and well-being, why isn’t it emphasized more in the adult therapy world? And for those who take the leap and inject some... Read more

The Heart of an Affair

A Conversation with Bill Doherty

Bill Doherty talks with Networker on how to help clients get clarity around the ethical dimensions of secret affairs and the dilemmas that often show up in... Read more

Editor's Note - March/April 2022

Reimagining Psychotherapy

In this issue, we investigate how and why therapists around the country—and around the world—are reimagining their work. This rarely means starting from... Read more

How have we come to a place where fully a quarter of Americans aren’t merely disgruntled with family members, but are distressed enough to actually cut them... Read more

The truth is, supervision is harder to come by these days. For a number of reasons that we explore here, some trainees don’t have access to regular... Read more

Editor's Note - September/October 2021

Clinicians’ Attitudes Toward Their Own Struggles

As the culture’s sanctioned authorities on mental health, therapists are still widely expected to be equanimous in the face of inner turmoil. So, outside of... Read more

In the therapy field, especially, we tend to view self-deception as a path to any number of bad ends, like a sense of failure when reality collides with... Read more

I’m inspired by the courage of the therapists featured in this issue, who are stretching beyond their customary professional roles to apply their clinical... Read more

This special edition of the Networker came together because of the great love so many people feel for Rich. Read more

Part of honoring our founder and longtime editor, Rich Simon, who passed away in November, has been to complete this issue, which explores how our current... Read more

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