AI in Therapy

A Conversation with Matthias Barker

EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview streamed live on February 7, 2024. Some offers and links may no longer be available.

“It might seem dramatic to compare my therapy AI bot to an atomic bomb, but there certainly is the potential for real harm with this technology.” Ready or not, AI and therapy bots are already here. What are the implications for therapists—and the world? Join Psychotherapy Networker editor in chief Livia Kent as she sits down with therapist and influencer Matthias Barker to discuss the good, bad, and scary ways that AI is emerging in the field of psychotherapy! Want to learn more about Barker’s take on AI in therapy room? Read his latest Networker article here.

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Livia Kent

Livia Kent, MFA, is the editor in chief of Psychotherapy Networker. She worked for 10 years with Rich Simon as managing editor of Psychotherapy Networker, and taught writing at American University as well as for various programs around the country. As a bibliotherapist, she’s facilitated therapy groups in Washington, DC-area schools and in the DC prison system. In 2020, she was named one of Folio Magazine’s Top Women in Media “Change-Makers.” She’s the recipient of Roux Magazine‘s Editor’s Choice Award, The Ledge Magazine‘s National Fiction Award, and American University’s Myra Sklarew Award for Original Novel.

Matthias Barker

Matthias Barker, LMHC, specializes in treating complex trauma, childhood abuse, and marital issues. He holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northwest University and is currently located in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s widely recognized for his unique approach to making mental health knowledge and skills accessible to the wider public, delivering psychoeducational content to a following of over 3 million people on social media. Visit