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A Script for Male Dementia Caregivers

Helping a Husband Be More Than a 'Pillar of Strength'

Barry Jacobs

Many spousal dementia caregivers struggle emotionally watching their life partners slowly decline. But I also knew that male caregivers, especially spouses, tend to be stoical, avoiding expressions of negative feelings, and often declining other’s help.


Setting the Stage for the Dance

Erica Hornthal

From her book Body Aware author Erica Hornthal shares mindful exercises that will help with self-regulation of your emotional thermostat.


A Case for Family Therapy

Staying Vibrant in the Public Sector

Scott Browning and Melanie Puzio

Society deserves family therapy. Fortunately, administrators today recognize family therapy as an effective treatment option for “at risk” families in need of a higher level of care.


Should You Tell Your Clients Why You're Canceling?

When to Self-Disclose, Preserving the Therapeutic Alliance, and More

Psychotherapy Networker

If you have to cancel an appointment and your client asks you why, how much should you disclose? Here, four clinicians share how they'd respond.


A Feeling of Fullness

Reflections on Therapy with Kids in Foster Care

Edvardo Archer

With plenty of misconceptions about treating traumatized children, one clinician shares why it's a chance to help them share their stories and a personal journey that helps us better understand our own.


How Therapists Can Support Parents and Children Impacted by Mass Shootings

Dafna Lender

When senseless tragedy turns a child's world upside down, parents are looking for mental health support for the whole family.


Confessions of a Psychological First Responder

A Different Approach to the Healing Craft

Michael Verano

A therapist who also provides psychological first aid after critical incidents opens up about his work and shares why it's been the most challenging—and rewarding—experience of his professional life.


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