November/December 2016 cover

The Next Big Thing

Psychotherapy and the Virtual Revolution

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

In this issue, our contributors reveal, in ways that were all quite stunning to me, the magnitude... Read more

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Left to Our Own Devices

Sorting Through The Bewildering World Of Therapeutic Apps

Mobile apps offer tools for everything from depression, social anxiety, and binge eating to phobias, OCD, postpartum problems, and substance abuse recovery. In... Read more

The Empathy Gap

Digital Culture Needs What Talk Therapy Offers

Conditioned by the experience of life on the screen, clients today find it harder to concentrate on face-to-face conversation. They may not even see its value... Read more

Is VR a Game Changer?

Virtual Reality in Therapy

To date, virtual reality’s most visible therapeutic role has been in the treatment of phobias and other conditions where it’s served as an adjunct to... Read more

Caught in a Web

A World Where Life Is Always Elsewhere

Every day, every moment, we must wade through the flood of incoming alerts and emails urgently demanding our time and attention, all the while knowing that... Read more

Extra Feature

Apologizing Under Fire

How to Handle Big-Time Criticism

It’s difficult enough to offer an apology when we see the need for it and believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s far more difficult when we’re... Read more


Bullying Reconsidered

Helping Children Help Each Other

Food and Mood

What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Nutrition

When the Rules Change

Learning to Learn from Your Children

Intimate Enemies

A Stepson Reconsiders a Long-Held Resentment