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Article November 29, 2022

Are Licensing Exams Failing Clinicians?

Reevaluating Our Gatekeeping

Despite the need to assess competency, some say licensing exams risk leaving good clinicians behind. Read more

Article November 29, 2022

Supporting Women's Voices

Carol Gilligan on Today's Patriarchy

More than 50 years after feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan's pivotal study on how women think about the choices in their lives, she speaks up about our... Read more

Article November 29, 2022

Taking the Podium

The Growing Influence of Women in Psychotherapy

Despite an increasing diversity in race and ethnicity, the psychotherapy field is primarily filled with women—a reversal that's taken place over the last 50... Read more

Article September 14, 2022

Editor's Note: September/October 2022

The Therapist and The Older Client

Are therapists ready to work with an older population? In this issue, we explore the changing, sometimes challenging needs that attend aging, as well as the... Read more

Article September 14, 2022

A Case for Family Therapy

Staying Vibrant in the Public Sector

Administrators today recognize this therapy as an effective treatment option for “at risk” families. Read more

Article May 22, 2022

Therapy Meets the Metaverse

A New Approach to Treating Young Clients

A firsthand look at how a new virtual reality program is taking therapy to new places. Read more

Article March 22, 2022

Agitated Kids, Dangerous Punishment

Rethinking the Policy of Seclusion and Restraint

Seclusion and restraint is a rare but extreme response to students deemed unruly. One parent, backed by some clinical allies, is drawing attention to its... Read more

Article March 20, 2022

Treating Trauma From the Top Down

A Cognitive Path to Healing

When it comes to designating best practices for treating trauma, where does the research stand? And where is the field going? Read more

Article March 18, 2022

Editor's Note - March/April 2022

Reimagining Psychotherapy

In this issue, we investigate how and why therapists around the country—and around the world—are reimagining their work. This rarely means starting from... Read more

Article January 6, 2022

Whatever Happened to Family Therapy?

Today's Renaissance in Systems Thinking

In their rush to change family systems—if not the world—family therapists didn’t anticipate that they too would be affected by structural forces. Read more

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