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What's Your Most Memorable Therapeutic Moment?

Six Master Clinicians Share Their Reflections

May/June 2016
Of all the meaningful sessions that take place in a therapists's career, what makes certain ones stand out? We asked six widely respected clinicians to tell the story of a particular experience that lives on for them. This special feature collects those tales of taking creative leaps in the dark and stumbling toward insight.
  • "Crossing to Safety" by Courtney Armstrong
  • "Happy New Year?" by Ron Taffel
  • "Keeping the Faith" by Mary Jo Barrett
  • "In the Valley of the Shadow" by Margie Nichols
  • "The Uninvited Guest" by Hedy Schleifer
  • "The Found and the Lost" by Terry Real

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November/December 2013
Our Habits, Ourselves
Can the Circle Be Broken?
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January/February 2019
Can't See the Forest?
Maybe It's Time to Get Out of the Office
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The Importance of Professional Boundaries in Therapy

As ethical violation guidelines in therapy become more ambiguous, setting clear professional boundaries remains a central concern

Increasingly the general public has come to regard therapists as just another kind of service provider, rather than a potential Svengali. Thus the relative power of therapist and client has shifted as has the role of professional boundaries.

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Clarifying Boundary Issues to Strengthen Therapy

Why the Therapy Process Needs to be Free of Boundary Issues to be Successful

We all know that the collaboration between therapist and client is the keystone of therapy. What many therapists may not realize is how much clarifying boundary issues contributes to establishing and strengthening that collaboration.

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Therapy in the Danger Zone

Breaking the cycle of family trauma

March/April 2010
There's no more emotionally demanding work than that with an incestuous family. A therapist offers an uncensored look at the fear, loathing, and fascination of the struggle to help a family emerge from the transgenerational legacy of abuse.

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Yesterday’s Ethics Vs. Today’s Realities

Boundaries in an Age of Informality

July/August 2012
As the status of therapist has shifted from an oversized figure with Svengali-like powers to an overworked and underpaid service provider at the mercy of the client-consumer who might sue him or her for some infraction, what are we to make of our traditional ethical codes.

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Can Compassion Be Trained?

Even as mindfulness gains mainstream acceptance as a therapeutic tool, the definition of what mindfulness actually is remains in flux.

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Moving Beyond the Brain

Dan Siegel on Why the Mind, More Than the Brain, Matters in Therapy

As the language of neuroscience sinks deeper into the public consciousness, the brain has become a scapegoat for explaining the mysterious behaviors, moods, and impulses that drive everyday life.

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Finding the Hero in Troubled Youth

Ken Hardy on Trauma Treatment that Taps into the Hero that Resides in All Youth

In the black-and-white popular view of trauma, people who have gone through life-threatening or injurious experiences either grow up to be innocent victims or damaged villains, with little room for the shades of gray therapists frequently encounter in their work.

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The Ethics Gray Zone: Is it an Ethical Violation or Not?

When Unique Issues Arise, Therapist Need to Determine Whether or Not it’s a Potential Ethical Violation

Sometimes ethical violations we face with our clients become so subtle and complex that we risk alienating clients when we’re trying our best to protect them.

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3 CE Hours
In 8 engaging articles from Psychotherapy Networker magazine, some of the field’s leading trauma experts introduce you to innovative approaches that are transforming, not only trauma treatment, but also the way we practice therapy in general.

Constructing The Third Reality

How to move from conflict to coexistence

July/August 2003
The Family Dialogue Project grew out of my attempt to help therapists, abuse survivors, and their families caught in the meshes of terrible conflicts from which there seemed to be no relief or exit.

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The Ripple Effect of Dialogue

Experience the Ongoing Conversation of State of the Art 2013

That’s what’s so revitalizing about the conversations that we have in tribe—through continuing education events and in communities of practice. Unlike everyday conversations, they are ongoing and communal in a way that layers key insights about the direction of our field.

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A Step-By-Step Master Class with Deany Laliotis
Discover Relational EMDR, the evidence-based intervention that transforms the memories underlying trauma and creates safety and hope through the client-therapist relationship. In this Master Class, join Deany Laliotis, LICSW—Director of Training for EMDR Institute and associate of EMDR originator Francine Shapiro—to experience the life-changing power of EMDR in action!Through powerful in-session videos and in-depth, therapist-to-therapist conversations, you'll get inside access to four remarkable single-session breakthroughs with actual clients struggling with deep-rooted trauma, attachment wounds, shame, anger, and depression. Learn how to attune to clients to enhance the power of your work and discover how to increase positive outcomes, avoid clinical impasses, and help clients resolve traumatic experiences once and for all.
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Clarifying Boundaries
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Reflections on Rich

Friends Celebrate His Life and Legacy

March/April 2021
Sharing how Rich Simon impacted our lives—and the field as a whole.

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Mediating Estrangement

How to Help Family Members Coexist

January/February 2022
After journeying through the Family Dialogue process, estranged family members often end up adjusting the very notion of what togetherness means.

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How to Protect Yourself in the Ethical Gray Zone

Frederic Reamer on the Importance of Documentation

As clinicians, we try to prepare ourselves as best we can for any ethical issues that could arise with clients. But while we know the answers to the obvious dilemmas, where does that leave us with the endless list of ethical issues that fall into the gray area of ethical ambiguity?

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Ending Therapy: The Importance of Planned Termination

How to Ease the Transition Out of the Therapy Relationship

Of course, all good therapists want to bring their clients to a place where they've met their therapy goals and achieved the necessary growth to feel comfortable ending the therapy relationship. But therapists and clients may not always be operating on the same timetable.

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To Self-Disclose, or Not to Self-Disclose?

Ken Hardy on Why Not Self-Disclosing Can Hurt Therapy

Long held under a shroud of formality for various ethical reasons, psychotherapy has had some growing pains in trying to adjust and adapt to the new laid-back way of life.

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From Good Person to Ethical Professional

Mitch Handelsman on the Effectiveness of Ethics Acculturation

There’s a big difference between being a generally nice person with good intentions and an ethical professional. So how do we bridge that gap?

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Supreme Testimony

What Christine Blasey Ford Could Mean for Survivors

By Lauren Dockett - As trauma specialist Mary Jo Barrett explains, Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony has been empowering for many survivors of sexual assault. Will that change next week?

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Modern love has radically changed from the time when most therapists received their formal training. Couples now have enormous expectations of their relationships, and the bombardment of options and interference that technology brings, has changed even the meaning of what's considered an affair. To help your couples clients navigate this complicated new world of relationships, you need a fresh and creative approach that's grounded in research and proven methods but in tune with our culture. In this online course, you'll experience how Esther's approach can help you become more effective in working with affairs and leading your clients to joyful and satisfying relationships. Get a close-up understanding of her techniques through compelling, real-life couples sessions, and discover practical techniques and exercises you can immediately apply in your couples work.
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How the Latest Movement Against Sexual Predation is Rattling Some Therapy Clients

By Lauren Dockett - Many therapists who specialize in sexual abuse and trauma are reporting that the #MeToo movement and the ongoing accusations of sexual assault and harassment against powerful, public men are deeply affecting their clients.

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