September/October 2020 Issue Cover

Antiracism in the Therapy Room

Engaging in the Conversation

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

How can therapists of all races and ethnicities support their clients of color in voicing their... Read more

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Race and Healing

Expanding the Conversation

Now, more than ever, we’re engaged as a society in finding ways to have a truly meaningful dialogue about race and racism. But how do we translate good... Read more

Working With Internalized Racism

From Shame to Unburdening with IFS

While the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the country’s understanding of the pernicious impact of racism, how do people actually do the internal... Read more

The Legacy of Historical Trauma

Grasping the Larger Story

Bringing the larger story of inherited trauma into the therapy room. Read more

The Agreement

Tackling a Teachable Moment on Race

In the days after George Floyd’s murder, and amidst their work to address gang-related trauma and violence, a white therapist and her Black cofacilitator... Read more

When the World Won't Hold Us

Finding Agency in the Suffering

In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, it’s crucial to recognize that suffering and trauma are not the same thing. Read more

Extra Feature

Braving the Unknown

The Search for New Solutions

We once believed that following in the footsteps of the medical model would ensure the viability of mental health professionals. But in the face of growing... Read more


Teach Your Children Well

Can Therapists Help Parents Raise Antiracist Kids?

Exploring the Inner Selfie

Digital Zen for Young Clients

Last-Chance Therapy in a Tumultuous Time

Discovering Hope in Higher Values with Couples

30 Is Not the New 20

Helping Clients Value Their Defining Decade

Disrupters and Lifequakes

Moving Through the Big Transitions

The Wonder of Mom’s World

Discovering Egypt over a Cup of Tea
Kathleen Monahan