November/December 2015 cover

America's Conversation about Race

What Do Therapists Have to Say?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

This issue of the Networker is an attempt to explore what we can contribute as a profession to the... Read more

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The View From Black America

Listening to the Untold Stories

Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether... Read more

Black Unlike Me

Some Uncomfortable Reflections on Growing Up White

At a time when many are calling for a renewed national conversation about race, an aging, liberal, white New Yorker—who admits he’s never been a party to... Read more

Lessons from the Love Lab

The Science of Couples Therapy

The pioneers who birthed couples and family therapy never paused to scienti cally study the relationships they treated. Now, after systematically observing and... Read more


Breaking the Chain of Resentment

How to Help Clients Move Past Old Wounds

A Cure for the Yips

Brainspotting and Performance Blocks
David Grand

Destigmatizing Autism

The Future of Neurodiversity

Who Do You Trust?

Revisiting the McMartin Preschool Case

Saturdays Lost

Revisiting a Bittersweet Ritual