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Case Study September 4, 2019

Have we unfairly pathologized clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? Read more

Case Study March 7, 2019

Storm Damage

Angry Words Can Sink a Relationship

Even though partners may forgive each other after a heated argument, the hurtful words that were hurled can be haunting nonetheless. Read more

Case Study November 9, 2018

“Nobody Knows!”

Helping Introverts Appreciate Their Strengths

A young introvert in college learns to embrace her temperament as a gift, rather than a problem. Read more

In Consultation November 18, 2015

Breaking the Chain of Resentment

How to Help Clients Move Past Old Wounds

How do you strike a balance between validation and empowerment in helping those afflicted with chronic resentment? Read more

Blue-Collar Therapy

The Nitty-Gritty of Lasting Change

Changes in the habitual attitudes and behaviors that shape our lives rarely happen as the result of psychological epiphanies or emotional catharsis. Most... Read more

Case Study July 1, 2013

Life After Betrayal

Getting Past the Victim Identity

When working with clients who’ve experienced an intimate betrayal, it’s important to empower them to move beyond a victim identity. Read more

Case Study September 1, 2012

Men with anger problems are generally highly reluctant clients who come to our offices only because they’ve gotten “the ultimatum” from their wives... Read more

Lions Without a Cause

Men's Animal Instincts Don't Fit the Modern World

Let's face it: love means something quite different to men and women. A look at other species of social mammals offers some remarkable insights into the... Read more

consultation January 1, 2010

Old Habits Die Hard

Making couples therapy stick

It's one thing to make change happen in a couples session; it's quick another to make those changes tick over time. Read more

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