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Case Study March 7, 2019

Storm Damage

Angry Words Can Sink a Relationship

Even though partners may forgive each other after a heated argument, the hurtful words that were hurled can be haunting nonetheless. Read more

In Consultation July 6, 2018

Becoming a Therapist for Each Other

How to Deepen Couples Therapy

How to address one partner’s long-term issues in couples therapy without derailing work on the current relationship. Read more

In Consultation January 8, 2018

Keeping Couples Therapy Upbeat

How to Bring a Positive Spirit Into the Consulting Room

Keeping the difficult work of couples therapy positive and upbeat might be easier, and more effective, than you think. Read more

Ellen Wachtel

Ellen Wachtel, JD, PhD, is in private practice and gives workshops at home and abroad. She’s the author of We Love Each Other But … as well as a new book for therapists, The Heart of Couple Therapy: Knowing What to Do and How to Do It.