March/April 2021 Cover

Remembering Rich Simon

Celebrating a Legacy

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

This special edition of the Networker came together because of the great love so many people feel... Read more

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On the Death of My Friend

A Reflection on Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

Helping our community understand the suicide of one of modern psychotherapy’s most cherished public figures. Read more

Covering Psychotherapy

The Evolution of a Life's Work

Every decade, on the anniversary of the Networker, Rich reflected on the trends and trajectories he’d witnessed in the field. This piece tells the story, in... Read more

The Great Appreciator

Just One of the Many Rich Simons

Sometimes the act of describing something vague or giving it a name dispels the vagueness and makes it come alive. “Naming something” was probably Rich’s... Read more

A Voyage Through Our Craft

Editor’s Notes and Symposium Intros from over the Years
Rich Simon (Adapted Writings) — Introduction by William Doherty

In his Editor’s Notes and Symposium speeches, Rich always told a story, one that drew from his own life while capturing a collective momentum in the field... Read more

Reflections on Rich

Friends Celebrate His Life and Legacy

Sharing how Rich Simon impacted our lives—and the field as a whole. Read more

Celebrating the Creative Journey

A Writer's Remembrance

Even for seasoned writers, being edited by Rich wasn't an easy process, but it led them to the murky, half-buried thing waiting below the surface—the thing... Read more

Soul Work

Recovering Our Voices

Almost 20 years ago, an editorial experience writing about a racial trauma at the hands of police resulted in a lasting friendship and an article that... Read more

A Legacy of Living with Courage

Discovering the Watchful Heart

The legacies of extraordinary people we’ve lost invite us to embrace the examples they’ve left behind. But how exactly do we do it? Read more

Point of View March 2, 2021

The Grief We Hold

Loving in the Midst of Loss

Our soul and our psyche know how to grieve. We don't need to learn it. It's not a technique. What we need to learn is not to avoid it. Read more