January/February 2011

Diets and Our Demons

Does Anything Really Work

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

The old maxim "You should eat to live, not live to eat" may sound wise, but it's based on a... Read more

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Recipe For Life

Is Attuned Eating the Answer to Diet Failure?

Despite the common cultural notion that anyone can successfully lose weight---constantly reinforced by the $60 billion-a-year diet industry---at least 95... Read more

Chew Wisely

The Joy of Playing With Your Food

Remember as a kid being scrupulously taught that eating was a serious business that brooked no nonsense? A lifetime later, this author discovered that---as... Read more

I Think, Therefore I Eat

Skills for Successful Dieting

From the viewpoint of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the reason that dieters so frequently fail to stick to their healthy eating plans is simple: knowing what... Read more

It's Not About The Food

The Truth About Eating Disorders

The key to working effectively with eating disorders is understanding that starving, bingeing, and purging aren't simply bad habits. For treatment to work, it... Read more

Extra Feature


Sherry Turkle Sees e-Life at the Crossroads

MIT professor Sherry Turkle has spent the last 30 years studying what our machines have come to mean to us, and how they're altering—sometimes... Read more


First Impressions

Getting Off to the Right Start is Crucial in Therapy

Whatever Became of Feminism?

Harriet Lerner on the Legacy of the Women's Movement

Misstating the Obvious

The Pitfalls of Doing What Comes Naturally

Coming Full Circle

Learning to Choose Where You Look