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Case Study March 1, 2012

Often clients come to therapy to resolve ambivalence or because they can’t make up their minds. But sometimes, the problem is that they’re too certain... Read more

In Consultation January 1, 2011

First Impressions

Getting Off to the Right Start is Crucial in Therapy

That first session with a new client can be crucial to the success or failure of treatment. Read more

Case Study September 24, 2009

Erickson's Legacy

Strategic therapy rests on skillful information-gathering

Strategic therapy is less about technique than a search for the information that'll illuminate the solution to your client's problem. Read more

Case Study May 1, 2007

Finding Flow

Embracing your worst can bring out your best

Learning to enhance performance by embracing doubt and fear. Read more

Dan Short

Dan Short, PhD, is internationally recognized for his work in Ericksonian hypnosis and short-term therapy. He devotes much of his time to a private practice in Scottsdale, AZ, while also writing and teaching to professional audiences around the globe. Dr. Short is a member of the Graduate Faculty at Argosy University and is affiliated with a clinic for the indigent where he volunteers as a supervisor for graduate interns. His training is diverse, having graduated with a Master’s in counseling from the University of North Texas, a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; followed by an internship at an APA accredited program in Houston, TX. Dr. Short is the lead author of Hope and Resiliency (2005), which has been translated into Spanish, French, German and Italian. His book, Transformational Relationships (2010), is a vital resource for therapists who want state-of-the-art information on what works in psychotherapy.