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Sue Johnson changed the field, creating a ripple effect of healing that continues to transform countless relationships. In a mosaic of anecdotes drawn from the... Read more

IFS Therapy and The Inner Critic

A Conversation with Carmen Jimenez-Pride

Alicia Muñoz and Carmen Jimenez-Pride, LCSW, explore what it means to develop a healthier, friendlier relationship with our parts. Read more

Does Microdosing Work?

Chasing a Therapeutic Silver Bullet

More and more people are ingesting small amounts of psilocybin on a daily basis in the hope of curing everything from mild irritability to major depression... Read more

So You Want to Be Your Client's Friend

Two Therapists Discuss a Clinical Taboo

Join the conversation between two therapists as they discuss the longing for friendship in the therapy room. Read more

Inviting Your Inner Critic for Coffee

Why Is It So Hard to Show Up for Ourselves?

When it comes to self-talk, a therapist explores our tendency to be our worst enemy. Read more

I Want to Be My Client's Friend

A Taboo Longing in the Therapy Room

How far is friendship from the special type of closeness we call the therapeutic relationship? Read more

Am I A Good Therapist Yet?

Reconciling Professional Ideals with Reality

Lofty visions of our capabilities as therapists can fuel us early in our careers, but at some point, we have to reckon with the reality that we can’t help... Read more

Open Book September 1, 2023

Going Public with your Therapist

Reexamining a Compelling Film Through a New Lens

Do Sarah Brady’s allegations about Jonah Hill undermine the implicit message of Stutz, his documentary about therapy? Read more

A Never-Ending Adjustment Disorder

How Therapists Navigate the Paradox of Diagnosis

A lot can go awry when you identify a person with a disorder—but avoiding diagnosis altogether isn’t always the right solution either. How are therapists... Read more

The Tech-Free Vacation

A Family's Search for Lost Connection

Is there anything trickier for modern-day parents than separating a 13-year-old from an iPhone, even if it’s just for a few days? Read more

Case Study April 28, 2023

A Dog Wanders into My Session

Taking a New Direction in the Therapy Room

A seasoned therapist discovers that the willingness to be a beginner again can sometimes have more value for clients than polished expertise. Read more

Are You A Conflict-Avoidant Therapist?

Harnessing Antagonism in the Therapy Room

For therapists who shy away from confrontation, harnessing their reactions to an antagonistic client in clinically useful ways may require learning new skills... Read more

Senior writer/editor Alicia Muñoz talks with author, therapist, and Instagram influencer Nedra Glover Tawwab about boundaries and maintaining drama-free... Read more

Preparing for the End of Therapy

A Walk into the Unknown

Regardless of your expertise or advanced degree, client terminations can derail you at any time. So why don't we do a better job of planning for them? Read more

Sitting Down with Nedra Glover Tawwab

Flexible Boundaries and Drama-Free Relationships

A new kind of social media and psychotherapy influencer challenges the common cultural misconception that toxic people should be cut out of our lives, no... Read more

Daring to Dance

How Can We Help Women Take Pleasure?

Pleasure-taking connects women to their bodies, roots them in the present, and fosters resilience. What could be blocking today's women from such a seemingly... Read more

Therapy for People Living with Dementia

An Interview with Nancy Kriseman

In this Networker Live event, senior editor Alicia Muñoz talks with Nancy Kriseman, LICSW, about how therapists can better serve their clients who are... Read more

Case Study July 13, 2022

It's Still Unfair!

Struggling to Establish Equitable Relationships

Healthy, equal relationships require compromise, negotiation, and generosity. But when couples don’t have models for mastering these skills, they often... Read more

The Love Magician

A Therapist Lays Down Her Wand

There’s magic in therapy—all types—the most astonishing of which only happens when you stop trying to put on a flawless show. Read more

Family Matters June 30, 2020

Wave Till You Can’t See Me

Lessons in Fear and Safety

Lessons for a parent in fear and safety. Read more

United in Uncertainty

A Technophobic Therapist and Covid-19

A technophobic therapist struggles with a new professional reality. Read more

In the last few weeks, as the specter of contagion has rapidly grown more ominous with each news cycle, an unthinkable professional reality has emerged for... Read more

“You Should Know What I Need”

A Simple Exercise to Help Couples Avoid the Assumption Trap

Satisfying our needs is a gift our partners give us. Being responsible calls for a willingness to ask clearly and vulnerably for what we want, and to tolerate... Read more

Case Study October 28, 2019

Bowing Out

The Dilemma of Uncoupling

If a loving couple shares a relationship history with no major deal-breaker issues, is “uncoupling” the best path? Read more

Family Matters September 4, 2019

Breaking the Unspoken Rule

A MeToo Memory Offers Healing

A MeToo memory leads a mother and daughter to connection and healing. Read more

Confessions of a Former People Pleaser

The Radical Act of Rethinking Your Boundaries

I used to view boundaries as a fancy way of dressing up rejection, incompetence, and selfishness. But after a decade of working as a couples counselor, I've... Read more

Putting an End to the Blame Game

A Tool for Helping Partners See Both Sides

Giving up being right doesn’t mean you give up your convictions. It means honoring a multiplicity of viewpoints. Rumi says, “Somewhere beyond right and... Read more

Family Matters November 9, 2018

The Inheritance

A Father Passes on a Complicated Legacy

Sometimes family legacies can stir up complicated feelings and outright conflict. Read more

When Doing Nothing is Everything

Especially with Kids, Learning to Slow Down Is a Precious Gift

When I got sick, something amazing happened: I let go of my agenda. Poof—just like that. In the process, I learned there’s nothing more important than... Read more

Case Study July 6, 2018

The Challenge of Helping the People Pleaser

Setting Boundaries Can Be Risky

Helping clients set boundaries can be a risky business, especially when people pleasing has been a lifelong strategy. * Commentary by Courtney Armstrong Read more

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