EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview streamed live on September 30, 2022. Some offers and links may no longer be available.

With an estimated 6.2 million Americans in need of mental health support tailored to the challenges of dementia, why are so few therapists working with them?

Nancy Kriseman, LCSW, joins us for an exclusive LIVE event with Networker senior editor Alicia Muñoz to discuss her article “Therapy for People Living with Dementia: Creating Possibilities for Clients and Their Families.”

With more than 35 years of experience working with people living with dementia and their families, Nancy Kriseman shared more about the challenges and rewards of this work, along with effective strategies you can use with clients.

Alicia Muñoz

Alicia Muñoz, LPC, is a certified couples therapist, and author of four relationship books, including Stop Overthinking Your Relationship: Break the Cycle of Anxious Rumination to Nurture Love, Trust, and Connection With Your Partner (New Harbinger Publications, 2022). Over the past 16 years, she’s provided individual, group, and couples therapy in clinical settings, including Bellevue Hospital in New York, NY. Muñoz currently works as a Senior Writer and Editor at Psychotherapy Networker and as a couples therapist in private practice. She connects with her readers and followers through monthly blogs, newsletters, and podcasts as well as InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Muñoz is a member of the Washington School of Psychiatry, the American Psychological Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Imago and Relationship Therapists. You can learn more about her at www.aliciamunoz.com.

Nancy Kriseman

Nancy Kriseman, LCSW, has more than 30 years of experience offering Counseling, Consulting and Training for Elders, Families & Professionals.