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Talk Therapy is More Than Talk

How to Grow into Change

Norman Doidge

Norman Doidge is a psychiatrist and author of The Brain That Changes Itself, a New York Times bestseller that describes the brain’s astonishing capacity for change. In this excerpt from his the Networker Webcast series Why Brain Science Matters, Norman explains the real-life, practical therapeutic implications for psychotherapy.


Neuroplasticity Isn’t Always for the Best

Why Therapists Should Know about the Plastic Paradox

Rich Simon

Norman Doidge has spent the last 14 years exploring how to integrate recent discoveries in brain science into psychotherapeutic practice. He believes that while the brain has an astonishing capacity for change, brain plasticity doesn’t always work out for the best.


Understand Brain Science Without Being a Neuroscientist

Interviews with Norman Doidge and Stephen Porges

Mary Sykes Wylie

How can therapists acquire the knowledge of how the brain works without becoming brain scientists themselves? Even more pressing, what real-life practical therapeutic implications, if any, can truly be drawn from neuroscience?


Social Conditioning, Or Are We Just Born That Way?

The Neuroscience Behind Primary Gender Traits

Rich Simon

It wasn’t so long ago—maybe 10-15 years—that the field of psychotherapy believed that the fundamental differences between men and women were primarily a result of social conditioning.


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