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Moving Beyond DSM-5

David Mays on the Future of Psychotherapy

Rich Simon • 10/21/2013 • No Comments

However much we all might like to discuss and debate DSM-5, the field of psychotherapy continues to move forward.


Can Compassion Be Trained?

Rich Simon • 10/20/2013 • 1 Comment

Even as mindfulness gains mainstream acceptance as a therapeutic tool, the definition of what mindfulness actually is remains in flux.


Male-Friendly Psychotherapy

How Brain Science Illuminates Gender Differences

Rich Simon • 10/17/2013 • 1 Comment

Pat Love provides a quick look at the kinds of cutting edge information with game-changing applications that can help make therapy more inviting for male clients


Head-to-Head with Emotion

Susan Johnson on Why Labeling Clients’ Emotions Isn’t Enough

Rich Simon • 10/16/2013 • 3 Comments

Emotions can be tricky—once they enter the consulting room, it’s easy for both therapists and clients to become stuck in, overwhelmed by, and embattled with strong emotions.


Examining the Most Controversial Change in DSM-5

Gary Greenberg On The Bereavement Exclusion

Rich Simon • 10/14/2013 • 1 Comment

When examining the various changes made in DSM-5, Gary Greenberg finds the most controversial one to be the removal of the bereavement exclusion from the major depression diagnosis.


The Trouble with Trying to Heal Trauma Too Fast

Rich Simon • 10/13/2013 • 4 Comments

Sometimes moving clients right into re-experiencing a traumatic event for cathartic effect works and clients feel some relief in the therapy hour. But according to Internal Family Systems developer Dick Schwartz, this type of therapy has costs.


Empowering Today's Parental Authority Figures

Ron Taffel on What Families Can't Function Without

Rich Simon • 10/9/2013 • 7 Comments

The days of children being seen and not heard are long gone. Now, however, kids and teens are increasingly expressing themselves through extensive online social networks, which open them up to new spheres of influence that challenge parental authority in an unprecedented way.


Ensuring the Future of Psychotherapy

Rich Simon • 10/6/2013 • 2 Comments

In the keynote session from our State of the Art virtual conference, Dan Goleman will survey the range of scientific advances made in recent years in helping people develop the kind of attentional and emotional skills needed for balance and success in life, advances that are having an increasing impact of psychotherapy.


Taking Off The Gloves

David Schnarch On How Confrontation Speeds Up Couples Therapy

Rich Simon • 10/2/2013 • No Comments

Couples therapist, David Schnarch, is not interested in having a couple feel secure in the consulting room.


Responding to the Critics of DSM-5

Darrel Regier On Why Diagnostic Changes Were Made

Rich Simon • 9/30/2013 • 2 Comments

Despite the number of criticisms it has incurred, there was a method to the so-called madness of DSM-5.


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