VIDEO: Bill Doherty on Deepening Our Therapeutic Vision

The Necessity of Cultivating the Integrated, Relational, and Committed Self

In his dinner address at the 2016 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, Bill Doherty offered his take on how psychotherapy can reassert its cultural relevance by deepening its vision of what constitutes a meaningful life in today's world. In this clip, he explains how therapists can do this by embracing what he calls the integrated, relational, and committed Self.

Internal Family Systems Step by Step: IFS for Deep Healing with Richard Schwartz

In this special Master Class, you get the chance to see Internal Family Systems (IFS) in action and determine how it will enhance your own work. You’ll observe a dramatic and moving clinical session between IFS-originator Richard Schwartz and his client as he guides her to deep healing and transformation.