VIDEO: Margie Nichols Shares Her Most Memorable Therapeutic Moment

In the Valley of the Shadow

Many people wonder how therapists manage to do the work they do. Of the thousands of meaningful sessions that take place in a therapist’s office, certain ones stand out. In the following video from the 2016 Symposium, renowned therapist Margie Nichols shares a transformational story from her own life in therapy.

Esther Perel’s Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action

In this Master Class, you have the chance to experience Esther Perel in action. You'll get an inside understanding of her transformative approach as she shares—therapist to therapist—the process underlying her clinical choices as she works with three couples dealing with infidelity, seeming sexual incompatibility, and the impact of childhood trauma. Sit in on an in-depth conversation about each…