VIDEO: Diane Poole Heller on the Hidden Capabilities of Trauma Survivors

Watch as a Traumatized Client Taps Into a Wellspring of Healing in an Actual Session

Think all traumatized clients are shut-down and energy-sapped? Think again. In this clip from her Networker Symposium Keynote, "Creating a Corrective Emotional Experience," trauma specialist Diane Poole Heller shares a clip from an actual session, where she guides a client in tapping into a hidden wellspring of energy that leaves them feeling refreshed, happy, and safe.

Internal Family Systems Step by Step: IFS for Deep Healing with Richard Schwartz

In this special Master Class, you get the chance to see Internal Family Systems (IFS) in action and determine how it will enhance your own work. You’ll observe a dramatic and moving clinical session between IFS-originator Richard Schwartz and his client as he guides her to deep healing and transformation.