The Myth of Low Sexual Desire

Updating Our Ideas about Erotic Well-Being

Great sex over the long term is not about how much you want sex; it’s about how much you like the sex you’re having. Read more

Do You Need Psychedelics to Access an Altered State?

How to Move Clients Out of Ordinary Survival Mode

In the Weeds

The Costs of Believing the Cannabis Hype

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How Psychedelic Therapy Will Change Your Practice

Bessel van der Kolk & Monnica Williams on the Future of Trauma Healing

Bessel van der Kolk and Monnica Williams, two prominent trauma researchers, weigh in on what the field should be talking about now that psychedelic-assisted... Read more


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Peter Levine on Going Beyond Talk Therapy to Heal Trauma

Using Somatic Experiencing® to Tap into the Unspoken Voice of Our Bodies

Learning how to tune into the subtle shifts that are going on inside us all the time can open us to a wholeness that I call the Authentic Self. Read more

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Treating Trauma From the Top Down

A Cognitive Path to Healing

When it comes to designating best practices for treating trauma, where does the research stand? And where is the field going? Read more

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Trans Kids Under Fire

Exploring the State of Gender-Affirming Care

When politicians decide what gender-affirming care should look like, what happens to the mental health of our trans, nonbinary, and gender fluid youth? Read more

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