Gen Z and Mental Health

Changing the Conversation

As adult therapists around the world weigh in on the youth mental health crisis, a Gen Z’er offers his own view of what our field should keep in mind. Read more

When Teens Talk About Suicide

A DBT Approach for Critical Moments

The rise in teen suicidality is frightening, but hospitalization isn’t the only—or even the best—option for treatment. Read more

Boys' Friendships

The Clash of Intimacy and Masculinity

Are we undermining boys' longing for soft, loving friendships? Read more

The Trouble with Teen Girls

A Conversation with Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Watch this Networker Live event with "Girls on the Brink" author Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Read more

Changing How We Think about Youth Suicide

An Interview with David Jobes

In this Networker Live event, senior editor Chris Lyford speaks with suicidologist Dr. David Jobes about the impact of ideation. Read more

The Therapy Beat September 14, 2022

The Ideation Factor

Changing How We Think about Youth Suicide

Suicidal ideation among teens is overlooked, understudied, and sometimes even willfully ignored. Read more

Fifty Years of Wisdom

Lessons from a Retired Therapist

I practiced for almost 50 years, and just retired with a feeling of satisfaction. Here’s what I’ve learned in my journey to contentment. These are my tales... Read more

You Can Do Anything

The Outsized Dreams of Adolescents

What if we stopped looking to modify the unique functioning of the teenage brain—delusional though it may be at times—and did more to foster the creative... Read more

Reaching “Unreachable” Teens & Tweens

12 Tips to Get You in the Side Door

Building a relationship with heavily armored, developmentally regressed, profoundly sad adolescents is no small feat. They don’t exactly let you in the front... Read more

VIDEO: Helping Teen Clients Make Good Decisions

...And What to Do When They Talk About Risky Behavior

Are teen clients entitled to confidentiality? How should therapists discuss confidentiality with their teen clients? What’s the therapist’s role... Read more

The Inner Selfie

A Technique for Guiding Young People Toward Self Discovery

It’s simply a way of talking about our internal sense of self, our inner strength and wisdom. It can help young clients down-regulate, guide them to inhabit... Read more

VIDEO: The Power of Predictability

The Cornerstone of a Strong Therapeutic Alliance

Providing familiarity and predictability is one of our greatest tools in therapy, and can provide much-needed comfort to clients who aren't used to it... Read more

Walk and Talk

Psychotherapy Takes a Stroll

What if a park bench was your waiting room, and nature your co-therapist? A growing group of practitioners, who stroll with their clients not just every once... Read more

Taking Charge with Difficult Teens

...And the Four Most Common Mistakes Therapists Make
Jerome Price and Judith Margerum

When working with teens, a therapist must become comfortable with the idea of dealing with power tactics rather than communication skills. Here are four common... Read more

Mondays With My Girls

Lessons in Being Real

A group of preteen girls in a long-term shelter teach a budding therapist some unexpected lessons about the true meaning of resilience and the power of... Read more

Clinician's Quandary May 11, 2019
Psychotherapy Networker

Fourteen-year-old client Tyler’s parents brought him to therapy because they say he rarely engages with classmates or teachers, isn’t interested in... Read more

In Consultation May 6, 2019

Truths and Consequences

Helping Teens Make Good Decisions

When it comes to high-risk behaviors, therapists can find themselves caught between boundary-testing teens and their concerned parents. Read more

Clinician's Quandary April 6, 2019
Psychotherapy Networker

Raisa is a sophomore in high school, and tells her therapist that the girls in her class are bullying her with insults like “slut” and “whore.” Her... Read more

VIDEO: Dan Siegel on Engaging Teen Clients

They're More Interested in Brain Science Than You Think

Dan Siegel knows that nobody—especially an angst-filled teenager—likes being told what to do. That’s why he takes a more roundabout approach to... Read more

Family Therapy as We Know It Needs to Change

To Reach Troubled Adolescents, Look to the "Second Family"

Editor’s Note: This article this blog is taken from originally appeared in the March/April 1996 issue of Psychotherapy Networker. When his family was... Read more

VIDEO: How to Broach the Subject of Medication with Kids

When Is It Necessary? An Expert Explains.

Given the stigma still attached to psychiatric drugs, it’s no surprise that today’s kids might have reservations about taking them. But as a specialist in... Read more

The Therapy Beat July 12, 2017

Is teen suicide contagious? Clinicians weigh in on the controversy around 13 Reasons Why. Read more

Point of View July 12, 2017

Absolutely Fabulous!

Getting Beyond Stereotypes with Teenage Girls

Helping teenage girls navigate the tumultuous terrain of adolescence in today’s world. Read more

In Consultation March 13, 2017

Speak Easy

Keeping It Real with Your Teen Clients

How to keep it real with teenage clients. Read more

We all want to build strong relationships with our clients, but when working with adolescents, don’t overdo the empathy, says therapist Janet Edgette... Read more

Case Study August 30, 2016

High-Stakes Therapy

Eating Disorders Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

When it comes to eating disorders, therapy can be a matter of life and death. Read more

VIDEO: Attuning to Reluctant Teens

Getting Through to Shut-Down Kids

Most therapists are aware of the perils of trying to connect with teenage clients. Teens are often brought to therapy against their will by adults, which can... Read more

Inside Hookup Culture

Are We Having Fun Yet?

On college campuses across the country, hooking up has all but replaced traditional, old-school dating rituals. With its rawness and frantic incoherence... Read more

The View From Black America

Listening to the Untold Stories

Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether... Read more

Manualized psychotherapy is squeezing out people on the margins of mainstream society. Read more