A Puncturing of the Soul

Facing Racial Trauma and Internalized Devaluation

If clinicians continue to assert that "trauma is trauma," the uniqueness treating racial trauma will remain on the margins of what we extol as best practice. Read more

Healing the Invisible Wounds of Racial Trauma in Therapy

A Conversation with Kenneth V. Hardy

Networker discusses racially-sensitive, trauma-informed interventions and strategies with Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy. Read more

Culturally-Responsive Support for the Latinx Community

A Conversation with Leslie Priscilla

Networker sits down with the founder of Latinx Parenting Leslie Priscilla as she discusses key cultural and environmental factors that may influence your... Read more

Treating Systemic Trauma in the African American Community

A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Payne

Join Networker’s Anna Lock and Jennifer Payne, Ph.D, LCSW, author, research scientist, and clinician as they discuss how Dr. Payne works to culturally tailor... Read more

The Healing Power of Community

A Conversation with Shawna Murray-Browne

Networker talks with Shawna Murray-Browne about ways to bridge racial barriers in and outside of the therapy room. Read more

Addressing Racism in the Therapy Room

Ten Ways You Can Be an Ally

Everyone deserves a space where they’re fully seen and heard, so it’s critical that therapists who don’t identify as people of color are knowledgeable... Read more

Point of View November 11, 2021

Total Liberation

A Buddhist Approach to Healing

What would therapy look like if the focus was on liberating a client from their setbacks, rather than simply diluting their symptoms? Read more

Decolonizing Mental Health

The Healing Power of Community

Training must go beyond the intellectual exercise of grasping the concept of racism. The real work is getting out of our chairs and going into our communities... Read more

Point of View September 15, 2021

Unhealed Bodies

Looking at Ancestral Trauma

Resmaa Menakem, author of "My Grandmother’s Hands," discusses racialized trauma and a body-based path to healing. Read more

Recent racial attacks have been perpetrated against people who look like me. I’m a female-presenting Asian American clinician, and many of my colleagues have... Read more

In Consultation July 15, 2021

The Threat Response of Appease

Do You Know It When You See It?

How can therapists address historical trauma and the common threat response of appeasement? Read more

The Therapy Beat May 19, 2021

Psychedelic Therapy and Racial Trauma

Offering Clients a Deeper Experience of Healing

Can psychedelic therapy offer a faster, deeper way to heal the intergenerational effects of racial injustice? Read more

Therapeutic Skills in the Workplace

Confronting Racial Wounds

Just like families, coworkers often need help talking honestly and listening deeply, especially when it comes to issues around diversity, equity, and... Read more

Open Book November 3, 2020

Toxic Entwinement

The Roots of American Racism

Exploring the intertwined roots of caste and racism in America. Read more

Race and Healing

Expanding the Conversation

Now, more than ever, we’re engaged as a society in finding ways to have a truly meaningful dialogue about race and racism. But how do we translate good... Read more

Working With Internalized Racism

From Shame to Unburdening with IFS

While the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the country’s understanding of the pernicious impact of racism, how do people actually do the internal... Read more

The Agreement

Tackling a Teachable Moment on Race

In the days after George Floyd’s murder, and amidst their work to address gang-related trauma and violence, a white therapist and her Black cofacilitator... Read more

A Black Therapist in America

Speaking Out Against Learned Voicelessness

Black people know all too well that their daily experience of racism doesn’t matter unless it interferes with the lives of the white mainstream. As a result... Read more

The Therapy Beat June 30, 2020

The movement to offer more free therapy and expand access to treatment gains momentum. Read more

Symposium Highlight July 24, 2019

VIDEO: The Assaulted Sense of Self

Voicelessness in Black America

How much has the therapy profession confronted race in America? At what point do therapists need to join the conversation? And how might they do so? In... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 23, 2015

Addressing Race Therapeutically in Black Relationships

Testimonials from the 2015 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

Today I attended a workshop called “Working with Black Couples: Overcoming Myths and Stereotypes,” led by Dr. Christiana Awosan. Being an African American... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 16, 2015

Addressing Race and Culture in the Therapy Room

Testimonials from the 2015 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
Symposium Student Scholars

As a family therapist, I know the power of thinking relationally, collaborating, and working across difference to find the many places where we actually share... Read more

In Consultation September 1, 2011

The New Face of Racism

Today, No One is Immune to the Effects of Discrimination

In today’s multicultural world, no one is immune to the emotional fallout of discrimination. Read more

Confronting Subtle Racism in Therapy

A Social Justice Perspective on Language
Dee Watts-Jones

Is it appropriate to bring up the use of subtly racist language in a session, even if it doesn’t deal with the client’s presenting issue? Always, says one... Read more

Case Study May 1, 1998

What Textbooks Don't Tell You

Acknowledging the complexities of real-life therapy

Acknowledging the complexities of real-life therapy Read more

Breathing Room

Creating a Zone of Safety and Connection for Angry Black Teens

Therapy is about healing and also about promoting connection. The healing starts when we lance the wounds our clients bring in, help them vent their pain and... Read more

In the fluid world of our practices, we must face the truth of opposing truths everyday. Read more

Claire S. Chow

From the July/August 1994 issue   WHEN I WAS 15 YEARS OLD, MY FRIEND CAROL TALKED ME into going to a dance at our high school. Of course, we had... Read more

Monica McGoldrick

Cutting through the isolation of our self-declared tribes Read more