Therapist, Your Pain Matters Too

Battling Burnout with Boundaries

When mental health professionals compare their problems to that of their clients, they risk falling into the trappings of comparative suffering and missing the... Read more

Here are some "hacks" to help your clients be more mindful in their relationships—using the Gottman Method. Read more

The Five-Minute Meditation

Finding Compassion and Kindness During Tough Times

I’ve been finding a particular short meditation practice helpful in supporting my clients during this period of sadness, loss, and exhaustion. It’s more... Read more

Open Book March 22, 2022

A Vehicle of Awakening

Can Psychotherapy Be a Spiritual Practice?

In The Zen of Therapy, psychiatrist Mark Epstein explores what a Buddhist therapy has offered his clients. Read more

The Therapy Beat January 7, 2022

Is Meditation as Safe as We Think?

The Risks We Don’t Talk About

Meditation is generally considered one of the safest practices for our clients. But one organization says that’s not always the case. Read more

A Simple Practice for Finding Light in the Dark

Helping Kids Remain Calm When the World Seems Scary

Given the wildfires, Covid variants, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes and periods of social unrest that abound these days, the world can feel like a scary... Read more

Managing Therapist Burnout

Eight Tips for Resetting in 2021

How do we hit the reset button as we begin a new year? Research on burnout across professions says the answer isn’t less work but rather more meaning and an... Read more

Bottom-Up Gratitude

An AEDP Approach

A core tenet of AEDP teaches us that humans have a built-in, primitive drive to seek out healing attachment, that if something inside us feels wrong, we move... Read more

Symposium Highlight October 21, 2020

Training the Heart and Mind

A Message from Jack Kornfield

Clinical psychologist and author Jack Kornfield has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness to Western audiences. With candor and humor, he shares a moving... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 30, 2020

Living with Life's Uncertainties

Wisdom from Rick Hanson's Networker Symposium Keynote

Rick Hanson describes how becoming more mindful of our body and thoughts, and the link between the two, can make us happier and less afraid of life's... Read more

The Unlived Lives of Parents

A Mindful Exercise for Healing Old Wounds

Lionel and Kyra’s son, Tyrone, had significant developmental delays from his premature birth. Now seven years old, he’s playing Little League, but he... Read more

Dealing with Cybertrance Mindfully

Tara Brach Shares a Personal Story

With so much of our lives being conducted in front of screens right now, it can be easy to lose sight of the world around us, and this can make for some tough... Read more

Symposium Highlight August 19, 2020

Tara Brach on Finding Possibility in Tough Times

Awakening Radical Loving and Compassion

During the 2020 Networker Virtual Symposium, renowned Buddhist teacher and psychologist Tara Brach explained how, even in the midst of the stress, anxiety, and... Read more

Clinician's Quandary June 5, 2020

A therapist is offering teletherapy during the coronavirus pandemic, and it's working well for most of her clients. But her anxious client Sam has repeatedly... Read more

How I Start My First Session

Icebreakers, Alliance-Building, and More

First introductions with clients can be make-or-break moments that influence therapy sessions to come. In a first meeting, how do you break through a... Read more

Clinician's Quandary April 30, 2020

My New Normal, Part 2

Therapeutic Discoveries in the Time of Coronavirus
Psychotherapy Networker

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted how almost every therapist works nowadays, in ways both expected and unexpected. Although we’re all in this... Read more

Compassion During Quarantine

A Simple Practice for Our Clients and Ourselves

I particularly like the suggestion to use the time we spend washing our hands during this pandemic to build up mindful compassion in ourselves. So, rather than... Read more

Symposium Highlight March 18, 2020

VIDEO: Rick Hanson on the Healing Power of Refuge

Focusing on the People, Places, and Activities that Give Us Sanctuary

A Networker Symposium highlight, therapist and author Rick Hanson invoked the spirit of Mr. Rogers to help attendees better acknowledge their connection with... Read more

VIDEO: Doing Mindfulness Work with Kids

Two Techniques You Can Try Out Today

Mindfulness specialist Chris Willard explains the difference between mindfulness work with kids and adults, and shares two techniques you can use today with... Read more

Stealthy Change, Healthy Change

Three Ways to Practice Presence

During my internship after graduate school, I worked as therapist at an intensive out-patient eating disorder (ED) clinic. One of the patients, Amber, was a... Read more

Clinician's Quandary January 7, 2020

Addressing Vicarious Trauma

Five Clinicians Weigh In
Psychotherapy Networker

A new client who survived a harrowing car crash is going through a deep depression. When she recounts her story, her therapist feels unusually affected, as if... Read more

Symposium Highlight December 11, 2019

VIDEO: Richard Schwartz on Healing Our Wounded Inner Parts

The Originator of IFS on Helping Clients Awaken Self-Healing

Internal Family Systems (IFS) has allowed therapists to awaken the capacity for deep self-healing within even their most troubled clients. In this video clip... Read more

Symposium Highlight December 4, 2019

VIDEO: Jack Kornfield on True Healing

Creating an Invitation for Connection

In this clip from his Networker Symposium keynote address, Jack Kornfield shares how to embody a fuller spiritual wisdom in your work with clients to heal... Read more

Symposium Highlight November 6, 2019

VIDEO: Jon Kabat-Zinn on the Radical Gesture of Mindfulness

What It Means to Really Practice Meditation
Jon Kabat-Zinn

When he introduced Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to the West, Jon Kabat-Zinn transformed the way we regard the Self, and the psychological ailments that... Read more

Walk and Talk

Psychotherapy Takes a Stroll

What if a park bench was your waiting room, and nature your co-therapist? A growing group of practitioners, who stroll with their clients not just every once... Read more

Remembering the Gold

How to Release Negative Self-Beliefs

Trying to release our negative self-beliefs can feel as if we’re trying to exorcise something buried deep inside our body. And in a way we are. Read more

In Consultation October 28, 2019

ABCs of Mindfulness

Helping Children Manage Stress

Adapting mindfulness practices for young kids can be as easy as ABC. Read more

More Than One Way to Heal

Black Therapists Rock Member Profile

It can be tricky doing therapy in communities where the field’s reputation is mixed, and people often feel more comfortable turning to the church for help... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 6, 2019

Consciousness and Connection

Highlights from Symposium

It’s hard to think of anyone who's had more influence on our field than neuropsychiatrist Dan Siegel. His far-ranging keynote proposed that the integration... Read more

Fully Present Sex

How Mindfulness Can Heighten Desire, Arousal, and Satisfaction

When sex becomes fraught or painful, fear and worries can overtake this important source of pleasure. But clinicians and clients are embracing a nonmedical... Read more