Embracing Gender-Pleasure

How to Feel Yummy in Our Bodies

For trans folks, attuning to gender-pleasure allows them to resist harmful cultural scripts—but it can be a radical act of resistance for cis folks too. Read more

Case Study September 14, 2022

"Why Won’t You Like Sports?"

The Father–Son Struggle with Gender Expectations

As young people move forward with new, more flexible frameworks for thinking about gender, it’s not always easy to bring parents along. Read more

In Consultation May 19, 2021

Gender-Affirmative Therapy for Kids

What Parents Need to Know

Supporting transgender children doesn’t always mean rushing toward medical intervention. Read more

Case Study December 30, 2020

Gender-Affirmative Therapy

Helping Transgender Clients Begin Their Journey

The key elements of gender-affirmative therapy for clients who are medically or socially transitioning. Read more

VIDEO: Doing Your Best Work with LGBTQ Clients

The Myth of Sex Addiction, Common Mistakes, and More

Is the sex addiction model doing more harm than good? What's the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity? And what are the most common... Read more

Open Book October 28, 2019

The Myth of the Gendered Brain

What the Latest Science Tells Us

A new book debunks some fundamental myths about gender. Read more

VIDEO: What Therapists Need to Know About Working with LGBTQ+ Clients

How We Think About Gender and Sexuality is Changing at "Warp Speed"

Today’s LGBTQ+ community has exploded in size, and therapists working in progressive, urban communities will likely see clients whose approach to sex... Read more

Esther Perel on the Paradox of Masculinity

What Does It Mean to Be a “Real” Man Today?

Feminism has given women a new narrative, but it hasn’t offered men a particularly new one that they can identify with. Ultimately, the lives of women will... Read more

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, men are reevaluating the way they approach courtship, relationships, gender roles, and love. Their therapists must switch... Read more

Open Book August 30, 2016

Mistaken Identity?

A Daughter Reflects on Her Father's Decision to Change Gender

Pulitzer Prize–winning author Susan Faludi explores the story of how the despotic father who’d once ruled her terrified family underwent sex reassignment... Read more

As a therapist, how do you work with conservative parents struggling to parent their trans child? Psychotherapist Jean Malpas shares three keys to acceptance. Read more

The Great Escape

Welcome to the World of Gender Fluidity

As cultural attitudes about gender variance have undergone a profound shift, much of what therapists believed about what it means to be transgender is now... Read more

I found talking to the transgender kids and their parents that I interviewed for this issue not only enlightening and educational, which I expected, but also... Read more

The Transgender Journey

What Role Should Therapists Play?

Parents typically view their children in the largely gendered terms society lays out for them. Rearranging that internal mind map requires tremendous effort... Read more

It Takes A Tribe

What It's Like to Raise (or Be) a Transgender Child

Until very recently, most families with transgender children had never met another family like theirs. Now parents and children from the trailblazing Ackerman... Read more

Case Study September 11, 2014

Questions of Gender

A therapist struggles with the clinical choices he’s made

A therapist takes an unflinching look at a puzzling case that spanned 14 years, wondering if he made a wrong turn. Read more

VIDEO: What Distinguishes the Male and Female Brain?

How the Evolutionary Story Lives within Each of Us

Why do young boys tend to roughhouse while young girls lean towards relational play? According to Louann Brizendine, these and many other differences observed... Read more

Should You Have Leverage Over Your Clients?

Terry Real on Why Male Grandiosity Necessitates Leverage

Terry talks about grandiosity and the destructive behaviors it leads to, thus making leverage a part of the therapeutic process. Read more

Open Book March 7, 2014

Mad as Hell

The End of the Era of Male Entitlement

The era of unchallenged male entitlement has come to an end, and many men are mad as hell. A new book provides context to help us deal with this anger in the... Read more

VIDEO: Social Conditioning, Or Are We Just Born That Way?

The Neuroscience Behind Primary Gender Traits

Louann Brizendine talks about one of the key neurobiological distinctions between the sexes: the need to reproduce vs. the need to nurture the helpless. Read more

Point of View March 1, 2011

Gender and the Brain

Louann Brizendine's Work Stirs New Controversy

Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine has stirred up plenty of controversy by arguing that men and women have very different brains. Read more

The Mars & Venus Myth

Uncovering the Stealth Assault on Feminism
Rosalind Barnett and Caryl Rivers

The Lawrence Summers controversy just brought to the surface the stealth assault on feminism that's reviving gender stereotypes of the 1950s. Read more

Lions Without a Cause

Men's Animal Instincts Don't Fit the Modern World

Let's face it: love means something quite different to men and women. A look at other species of social mammals offers some remarkable insights into the... Read more

Women Treating Men

Therapy across the Gender Divide

Gender shapes relationship from the very first moment therapist meets client, especially when the client is male and the therapist is female. Read more

Monica McGoldrick

Cutting through the isolation of our self-declared tribes Read more

From the Networker archives, a therapist discusses homophobia within clinical practice. Read more