Open Book November 3, 2023

The Heart of Gladness

Why Joy and Sorrow Need Each Other

Acclaimed poet and essayist Ross Gay considers the “wild and unboundaried solidarity” that joy can bring into our lives. Read more

Open Book July 1, 2023

The Radical Act of Embodying Your Voice

How to Take Space and Make Space

A new book from a renowned speech coach invites us to reflect on how we embody our true voices in our lives—and in the therapy room. Read more

Open Book April 28, 2023

Attuning to the Human Heart

Barbara Kingsolver’s Novel for the Ages

In Demon Copperhead, Barbara Kingsolver expands our moral imagination. Read more

Open Book March 1, 2023

Orchestrating Wonder

Can We Invite More Awe into Our Lives?

It takes a lot of courage and creativity to research one of the most compelling and ineffable human experiences, but Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner has... Read more

Point of View January 25, 2023

Teaching Kids Resilience through Storytelling

A Conversation with Psychologist and Children's Book Author Amy Howell

For a therapist who writes children’s books, story time provides what might be the most important parenting opportunity of the entire day. Read more

Open Book January 4, 2023

Why Are Today’s Girls So Troubled?

A Neurobiological Guide for Parents

"Girls on the Brink" presents new knowledge on girls' higher risk for mental health problems—and suggests what parents can do about it. Read more

Open Book November 30, 2022

Is Our Culture Making Us Sick?

Gabor Maté on Stress and Disease

Gabor Maté's newest book is a reminder of the many ways in which we are not our symptoms. Read more

Open Book September 14, 2022

It’s All in Your Head?

A Primer on Chronic Pain

A new book by physician Haider Warraich reveals the untold story of chronic pain. Read more

Living in the Light

Interview with Author Mary Pipher on her new memoir

We sat down with prolific author Mary Pipher for a candid discussion of the interplay of darkness and light in every life. Read more

Open Book July 13, 2022

Leaning toward the Light

Mary Pipher Turns Her Gaze Inward

In her new memoir, Mary Pipher refuses to dumb down what it takes to create a rewarding life. Read more

Open Book May 22, 2022

De-escalating Disputes

How Therapists Can Stop Runaway Conflict

Exploring “high conflict” with a bigger picture in mind. Read more

Open Book March 22, 2022

A Vehicle of Awakening

Can Psychotherapy Be a Spiritual Practice?

In The Zen of Therapy, psychiatrist Mark Epstein explores what a Buddhist therapy has offered his clients. Read more

Open Book January 7, 2022

Suicide as a State of Being

One Man's Ongoing Struggle

A new memoir from celebrated writer Donald Antrim reflects on the nature of suicide. Read more

Open Book September 15, 2021

The Plasticity of Personality

Can We Switch Our Stripes?

A new book explores the science of personality change. Read more

Open Book July 15, 2021

A Cacophony of Opinion

Can We Trust "Expert" Judgment?

Why is it that two or more experts in a given field can look at identical case histories and data and come up with broadly differing assessments and... Read more

Open Book May 19, 2021

The Anthropocene Dilemma

Can We Save Ourselves from Ecological Despair?

It’s a truism that climate change has become an existential crisis. Can a new book by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist help mitigate ecological despair? Read more

Open Book December 30, 2020

Beyond Normal

Our Evolving Attitudes Toward Mental Illness

A new book examines how different cultures view mental illness and the stigma that persists in America. Read more

Open Book November 3, 2020

Toxic Entwinement

The Roots of American Racism

Exploring the intertwined roots of caste and racism in America. Read more

Open Book August 27, 2020

Disrupters and Lifequakes

Moving Through the Big Transitions

A guide to dealing with the traumas and challenges that can redefine who we are and what we want to do in the world. Read more

Open Book June 30, 2020

A Family in Chaos

A Study of Dysfunction and Resilience

The story of the Gavins—a family of 12 children, six of whom suffered from schizophrenia—sheds new light on the nature vs. nurture debate. Read more

Open Book May 1, 2020

The Reality of Home DNA Tests

Are We Prepared to Deal with the Fallout?

A new book explores the reality of home DNA testing and the often unexpected fallouts. Read more

Open Book March 5, 2020

Exposing the Hoax

The Inside Story of the Rosenhan Study

In her new book, author Susannah Cahalan exposes the fabrications of one of psychology’s most famous studies. Read more

Open Book December 27, 2019

Out of Sight

Are Prisons Modern-Day Asylums?

Author Kenneth Paul Rosenberg explores the catastrophic inadequacies of our mental healthcare system that have led to “the greatest social crisis of our... Read more

Open Book July 3, 2019

The Vicious Cycle of Silence

How We Can Better Protect Victims of Domestic Abuse

A new book explores the devastating patterns of fear, shame, and secrecy that perpetuate intimate partner violence and too often escalate to murder. Read more

Open Book May 6, 2019

Who Am I to Judge?

The Question of the "Good Enough" Parent

A child-custody consultant wrestles with the question of what is a good enough mother. Read more

Open Book March 7, 2019

Where the Trauma Never Ends

Inside Chicago’s Urban War Zones

Chicago’s inner city has long been termed an “urban war zone.” A new book by acclaimed journalist Alex Kotlowitz reveals the personal stories of trauma... Read more

Open Book December 26, 2018

The Scourge of Opioids

A Close-Up Look at the Epidemic

A new book takes a close-up look at the opioid epidemic in America. Read more

Open Book November 9, 2018

Generations in Jail

When Crime Is a Family Value

A new book explores how criminal behavior gets handed down in families from one generation to the next. Read more

Open Book September 5, 2018

The U-Curve of Happiness

Should Big Data Be Believed?

A new book claims that even if you find yourself suffering through a gloomy midlife slog, you’re likely to experience a brighter landscape in your 50s and... Read more

Open Book July 6, 2018

When Is Enough Enough?

Our Obsession with Longevity May Have Gone Too Far

Bestselling author Barbara Ehrenreich believes that our obsession with longevity may have gone too far. Read more