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Clinician's Quandary February 8, 2023

When One Partner Won’t Budge

The Magic Wand Question, the Compliment Sandwich, and More Strategies

If you’ve done couples therapy, you’ve probably run into this conundrum at one point or another: one partner simply isn’t as invested in therapy as the... Read more

Clinician's Quandary February 8, 2023

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Let Us Know How YOU Would Tackle This Situation in Your Practice...

Even the best therapists rely on advice from peers. In the spirit of building community, we're introducing Clinician's Quandary, a new forum where you can... Read more

Clinician's Quandary December 8, 2022

One Foot Out the Door

Six Ways to Address Impending Premature Endings

Ending therapy is tough. But a client leaning out of therapy midway through treatment? That’s a whole other pill to swallow. Here, six therapists share how... Read more

Clinician's Quandary December 5, 2022

When Medication Gets in the Way

Listening, Collaborating, and Helping Clients “Choose Their Own Adventure”

"One of my clients takes prescription medication for anxiety and often complains about the negative side effects. I can’t help but feel it’s getting in the... Read more

Clinician's Quandary October 26, 2022

How Do I Make Therapy Stick?

Creating a Vision, Building Momentum Between Sessions, and More

Sure, your clients may find therapy helpful. But do they find it memorable? How can we get clients to retain all the wonderful information they learn in... Read more

Clinician's Quandary August 4, 2022

Should You Tell Your Clients Why You're Canceling?

When to Self-Disclose, Preserving the Therapeutic Alliance, and More

If you have to cancel an appointment and your client asks you why, how much should you disclose? Here, four clinicians share how they'd respond. Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 27, 2022

The Narcissistic Client

Four Ways to Break Through

Whether it's vanity, a failure to take constructive criticism, mistreating family and friends, or lacking empathy for others, clients with narcissistic traits... Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 15, 2022

Should I Hand My Crying Client a Tissue?

Reading Between the Tears, Permission-Giving, and More

When clients cry in therapy, should you pass the tissues? And what do you say? One clinician worries his clients might interpret passing tissues as him rushing... Read more

Clinician's Quandary April 19, 2022

Elderly Clients, Hidden Gifts

Best Practices for Working with Older Populations

I’ve been working with adults for most of my career, but I think it’s important not to neglect the mental health of our elderly population. What are some... Read more

Clinician's Quandary March 7, 2022

The Power of Humor

Five Ways Therapists Put This “Best Medicine” to Use

Therapy can be serious, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a joke here and there. Here, clinicians share how they used humor to help clients... Read more

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