September/October 2011

Editor's Note

The Mindfulness Binge/Minding Mindfulness

September/October 2011
I first became aware that there was such a thing as meditation as part of my immersion in the cascade of mind-body-spirit esoterica unleashed by the human potential movement back in the early ’70s.
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Suggesting Mindfulness

Awakening the Hypnotist Within

September/October 2011

As a clinical intervention, mindfulness is best understood by stripping away its aura of mystical spirituality and understanding the crucial role suggestion plays in the change process.

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West Meets East

Creating a New Wisdom Tradition

September/October 2011

As mindfulness practices work their way into the psychotherapeutic mainstream, we’re starting to ask more clinically sophisticated questions: Who needs what practice when? What about the downsides of some mindfulness interventions?

When Meditation Isn't Enough

Going Beyond Acceptance to Healing

September/October 2011

A psychotherapist discusses the next step: how to help clients transform the disruptive feelings and thoughts that they’ve learned to simply observe during meditation.

Shadow Side Of Meditation

Getting Stuck in the Present Moment

September/October 2011
A Zen teacher describes the benefits and limitations of traditional meditation practice.

Relational Meditation

Moving from Conflict to Attunement

September/October 2011

While meditation is usually considered solitary, two therapists discover that the couples intervention they’ve been using for over 20 years is actually a form of reciprocal relational practice.

Clinician's Digest

Therapists and Climate Change

September/October 2011
- Handling climate change with clients - How to effectively terminate therapy - Practice in the Internet Age

In Consultation

The New Face of Racism: Today, No One is Immune to the Effects of Discrimination

September/October 2011

In today’s multicultural world, no one is immune to the emotional fallout of discrimination.

Case Study

In Search of a Lost Self: Reclaiming Our Missing Experiences

September/October 2011

A primer on the specifics of incorporating mindfulness into therapeutic practice.


Kids For Sale: The Realities of Sex Trafficking on Our Streets

September/October 2011

Those gritty TV depictions of kids scratching out an existence on the streets aren’t just a sensationalistic fabrication.

Point Of View

The Alphabet Soup: Diana Fosha on the Convergence in Today’s Therapies

September/October 2011

Diana Fosha talks about why so many acronymic therapies---ADEP, DBT, IFS, ACT---resemble each other, and what that says about the therapy field today.

Family Matters

The White Tuxedo

September/October 2011
Saturday Night Fever Comes to the Bar Mitzvah
September/October 2011
The Mindfulness Movement
Do we even need psychotherapy anymore?