January/February 2015 Cover

Mindfulness Goes Viral

What Would Buddah Say?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Over several thousand years, different cultures have discovered how to nurture the seed of a... Read more

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The Mindfulness Explosion

The Perils of Mainstream Acceptance

By replacing the exotic aura of spirituality with the language of science and a down-to-earth self-help approach, mindfulness has brought practices once... Read more

The Reluctant Guru

Staying in the Moment with Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Conversation with Jon Kabat-ZinnSince he first developed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in 1979, Jon Kabat-Zinn has not only become a key figure in... Read more

The Fiction of the Self

The Paradox of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

If we engage in meditation long enough, we discover that our sense of being a separate, coherent, enduring self is actually a delusion maintained by our... Read more

A Doorway to Mystery

Creating a Sacred Space in Therapy

As pressures mount to narrow the focus of psychotherapy into a medicalized, evidence-based approach, one of the teachers who first helped integrate mindfulness... Read more

Nature, Pixelated

How the Virtual World Is Rewiring Our Senses

For the first time in history, we’re mainly experiencing nature through intermediary technology that paradoxically provides more detail while flattening our... Read more


The Anatomy of Procrastination

Helping the ADHD Client Make Changes Stick

Voices of Reason

Empowering clients to alter their internal experiences

Reinventing Couplehood

Intimacy and Commitment in the Age of Consumer Marriage

Who Failed Robert Peace?

Even a Yale Degree Couldn’t Save Him

A Little Wiggle Room

It's Never too Late to Change Your Story