March/April 2015 cover

Taking The Pulse of Psychotherapy

We're Older. Are We Better?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

There’s been a decline in the public’s utilization of psychotherapy as a consequence of the... Read more

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The State of Our Art

Do Our Old Ways Fit the New Times?

While the number of people in psychotherapy keeps declining, surveys reveal that potential clients would still rather talk to a therapist than fill a... Read more

Spitting in the Client's Soup

Don’t Overthink Your Interventions

In our profession, it’s often more alluring to explore new gimmicks than to acknowledge that our success largely hinges on simple, commonsense factors. Read more

Narrowing the Gap

Striving for Honesty in the Therapy Room

Anticipating endings may encourage us to grasp the present with greater vitality. Read more


Seven Myths about Meditation

A One-Size Approach Doesn’t Fit All

The Power of Commitment

Mindfulness Is Only the Beginning

Lost in the Maze

Finding the exit from OCD

Don’t Play It Again, Sam

Chance Encounters Can Change Our Lives