VIDEO: Charlotte Resnick on Helping Kids Find the Answers Inside

Here's a Fun Exercise That Gets Your Young Clients Participating

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic therapy wand to wave in front of our young clients and give them all the answers they need? What if this magic wand could conjure rainbow lizards and talking dogs to sit on our clients’ shoulders, bypass their defense systems, and whisper good, therapeutic advice in their ears? That’s exactly the kind of approach Charlotte Reznick uses with her young clients.

Brain Science in Clinical Practice: Applying the Power of Neuroscience to Heal Trauma, Attachment, Shame and More

Revolutionary advances in the field of neuroscience continue to present new opportunities for therapeutic breakthroughs—regardless of what form of therapy you practice. Join some of the leading experts on applying brain science in clinical practice, including Janina Fisher, Linda Graham, Rick Hanson, Bruce Ecker, Sara Bridges and Noel Larson, and discover proven treatment techniques that you can…