Open Book May 1, 2024

How Can a Ghost Story Help Us Heal from Trauma?

Excavating Unspoken Conversations

Director Andrew Haigh’s haunting film All of Us Strangers lays bare the critical role of imagination in healing from traumatic loss. Read more

Trans Kids Under Fire

Exploring the State of Gender-Affirming Care

When politicians decide what gender-affirming care should look like, what happens to the mental health of our trans, nonbinary, and gender fluid youth? Read more

Open Book July 1, 2023

The Radical Act of Embodying Your Voice

How to Take Space and Make Space

A new book from a renowned speech coach invites us to reflect on how we embody our true voices in our lives—and in the therapy room. Read more

Data from recent Pew Center, The Washington Post, the Williams Institute, and Gallup surveys shows the current state of transgender children in the U.S. Read more

We Need to Talk about Dating

Can Therapists Ethically Have an Online Dating Profile?
Paul Christopher Mollitt

Putting yourself out there on the dating scene can be intimidating enough, but therapists have the additional challenge of managing professional and personal... Read more

Embracing Gender-Pleasure

How to Feel Yummy in Our Bodies

For trans folks, attuning to gender-pleasure allows them to resist harmful cultural scripts—but it can be a radical act of resistance for cis folks too. Read more

Sexual Intimacy and the Aging Client

A Conversation with Dr. Regina Koepp

Based on her article from our September/October issue, Dr. Regina Koepp talks about how to have "the talk" with your aging couple clients. Read more

Sex and the Older Couple

Helping Partners Reimagine Desire

Plenty of therapists have internalized the common misconception that at a certain point in our lives, humans are no longer interested in sex and intimacy. Read more

Case Study March 22, 2022

“Be Yourself—But Don’t”

Mixed Messages from a Mother to Her Gay Son

What happens when loving mothers of gay sons unknowingly send them mixed messages about being themselves? Read more

Sex Post-Covid

Healing the Rifts

Lockdown provoked a wide range of emotions among partnered people, including an increase in anxiety, fear, loneliness, boredom and frustration. It’s been... Read more

Case Study December 30, 2020

Gender-Affirmative Therapy

Helping Transgender Clients Begin Their Journey

The key elements of gender-affirmative therapy for clients who are medically or socially transitioning. Read more

VIDEO: Doing Your Best Work with LGBTQ Clients

The Myth of Sex Addiction, Common Mistakes, and More

Is the sex addiction model doing more harm than good? What's the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity? And what are the most common... Read more

The Gay Man in the Straight Marriage

Exploring the Uncharted Territory of a "Mixed-Orientation Marriage"
Jeff Levy

"Okay, I'm gay, I'm married, I have three kids, and I'm not getting divorced." One therapist's approach with mixed orientation marriage. Read more

When Straight Men Have Sex with Men

Understanding the Difference Between Sexual Identity, Preference, and Fantasy

When a male client in a heterosexual relationship confesses that he has sex with men, the therapist must understand he's not necessarily closeted. Read more

VIDEO: What Therapists Need to Know About Working with LGBTQ+ Clients

How We Think About Gender and Sexuality is Changing at "Warp Speed"

Today’s LGBTQ+ community has exploded in size, and therapists working in progressive, urban communities will likely see clients whose approach to sex... Read more

The Great Escape

Welcome to the World of Gender Fluidity

As cultural attitudes about gender variance have undergone a profound shift, much of what therapists believed about what it means to be transgender is now... Read more

Wired for heterosexuality or homosexuality?

The difference between the gay and straight brain

It’s a topic that has been at the center of countless debates, both rational and irrational. Is there a clear biological difference between the heterosexual... Read more

Is Sexual Orientation Hardwired In Our Brain?

Louann Brizendine On How Sexual Preference Is Determined

Psychotherapy Networker Founder Rich Simon asks neurobiologist Louann Brizendine about sexual orientation and the brain Read more

Case Study May 6, 2010

Between Gay and Straight

Honoring a Client's Multiple Identities
Jeff Levy & Jean Malpas

A middle-aged man facing the challenge of coming out explores the uncharted territory of a "mixed-orientation marriage" Read more

Case Study October 18, 2008

Gay Guise

When Straight Men Sleep with Men

A case study examines the differences between sexual orientation and behavior and what really happens when straight men sleep with men. Read more

Case Study September 1, 2005

The New 'Mixed' Marriage

Working with a couple when one partner is gay

In 2004, the outing of New Jersey Governor James McGreever brought widespread attention to the new "mixed marriage ." But the issues such couples struggle with... Read more

From the Networker archives, a therapist discusses homophobia within clinical practice. Read more