Releasing Guilt in Grief

The Vital Shift from Prevention to Postvention

When preventing death or tragedy is no longer an option, we need to enter a radically different headspace. Read more

When Caregiving Ends

Managing Grief and Relief

What is certain is that, at some point, caregiver duties will come to an end. The impact of that moment catches many caregivers off-guard, and the flood of... Read more

Death and a Lifelong Love

Bracing for a Future without Marilyn

A psychotherapy icon grapples with the imminent death of his wife as she moves from palliative care to hospice care. Read more

A Script for Male Dementia Caregivers

Helping a Husband Be More Than a 'Pillar of Strength'

Many spousal dementia caregivers struggle emotionally watching their life partners slowly decline. But I also knew that male caregivers, especially spouses... Read more

Moving Through Grief Using Emotionally Focused Therapy

A Conversation with Leanne Campbell

Based on her article in our July/August issue, EFT trainer Leanne Campbell talks about how to handle grief. Read more

The New Grief

Long, Long Day's Journey Into Night

The increasing ability of modern medicine to arrest or slow terminal illness means that never before has death been such an extended process for so many. But... Read more

Coping After Tragedy

A Conversation on Collective Grief, Trauma & Healing

Networker talks with grief experts Andrea Dorn and David Kessler in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting about grief and healing as a community. Read more

Wartime Trauma Treatment

Reflections from a Therapist Treating Ukrainian Survivors

A therapist specializing in trauma treatment in the wake of human-made and natural disasters shares what she's seeing in her work with survivors of the war in... Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 15, 2022

Should I Hand My Crying Client a Tissue?

Reading Between the Tears, Permission-Giving, and More

When clients cry in therapy, should you pass the tissues? And what do you say? One clinician worries his clients might interpret passing tissues as him rushing... Read more

Is Prolonged Grief a Disorder?

Exploring the New DSM Diagnosis

According to grief experts, does a new diagnosis in the DSM pathologize a critical component of the human experience? Read more

Moving Through Grief

An Emotionally Focused Approach

Once blocks to the organic grief process are identified and removed, how can therapists choreograph corrective emotional experiences? Read more

The Inheritance of Loss

A Therapist and Client Grieve Together

While grief can be a familiar creature that lives inside us, we often treat it as a stranger Read more

Editor's Note: July/August 2022

Moving on from 'Move On' Culture

Livia Kent introduces the July/August 2022 issue on grief and how therapists deal with it both personally and professionally. Read more

Attachment Grief

Living with the Loss of a Child

For someone who has survived the death of their child, describing grief as a journey perpetuates the myth that, eventually, there’s an end point. Read more

VIDEO: Prolonged Grief Disorder

Does This New Diagnosis Help or Hurt?

What does the diagnosis of prolonged grief disorder mean to clinicians and grieving individuals? Read more

The Five-Minute Meditation

Finding Compassion and Kindness During Tough Times

I’ve been finding a particular short meditation practice helpful in supporting my clients during this period of sadness, loss, and exhaustion. It’s more... Read more

In Consultation March 22, 2022

Unshed Tears

Helping Kids Work through Unresolved Grief

Many of the ways that children grieve differently from adults can go unrecognized and unprocessed. Read more

Clinician's Quandary March 7, 2022

Is There Meaning in Loss? (Part 2)

Four More Therapists Weigh In

Our last Clinician’s Quandary on helping clients—and ourselves—navigate grief work received an overwhelming number of responses. So many, in fact, that... Read more

COVID Trauma

The Invisible Pandemic

What can we do in the face of our current crisis? There are no clear answers or easy fixes. As providers, we must endeavor to do what we teach our patients: in... Read more

Clinician's Quandary January 10, 2022

Is There Meaning in Loss?

Helping Our Clients and Ourselves Navigate Grief Work

Many grief specialists talk about helping clients finding meaning after loss. But often, loss feels meaningless. One therapist working with grieving clients... Read more

When you do the work that we do, it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself. You can’t always carve out lots of time to devote to self-care, but... Read more

Grief Anniversaries

Acknowledging Loss a Year Later

It’s critical for clinicians to recognize anniversary reactions. When clients describe their experiences as depression, we naturally think of solutions like... Read more

This special edition of the Networker came together because of the great love so many people feel for Rich. Read more

On the Death of My Friend

A Reflection on Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

Helping our community understand the suicide of one of modern psychotherapy’s most cherished public figures. Read more

In Consultation December 30, 2020

The Transformative Power of Loss

Helping Clients Cope with Aging and Grief

Facilitating bereavement support groups for aging clients. Read more

Family Matters December 30, 2020

Rhythm Guitar

Stepping Out of a Big Brother's Shadow

Finding harmony in a difficult sibling relationship. Read more

On the Death of My Friend Rich Simon

A Reflection on Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

Dan Siegel, author and cofounder of the Mindsight Institute, was a close friend of Networker editor Rich Simon for over two decades. Rich's family has asked... Read more

VIDEO: Understanding Grief as an Antidote to Trauma

Gabor Maté on Making Sense of Troubling Times

These days, many of us are feeling increasingly anxious and upset. But how do we know whether we're experiencing trauma, or just grieving? And how can we... Read more

Turning Points in Our Therapy Careers

Becoming the Change We Want to See
Psychotherapy Networker

What is a turning point, exactly? And how do you know when you've reached one in your career as a therapist? Whether it's a devastating illness, or a few... Read more

Love & Grief

Finding Meaning in Loss

When a loved one dies, it’s easy to get stuck in your pain. But if you can find meaning in even the most senseless loss, you can do more than just get... Read more